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barrel before I can form a final opinion on you can you post a shirtless pic? hierarchies, etc
1. You are a fucking noob if you're 2RMing the lat pulldown2. It isn't a powerlifting programme, it's a strength programme3. Try it and see if you get progress
no; the thickness of your hair
How in the name of Allah can you bench 265 but DL 295?!!?
The saddest casualty of my cut is my bench going down by 20 lbs. Can barely do 3 sets @ 225 anymore (in fact, today, I didn't do the third).
Illegal in HK brah. Jail time for importing it without license.Don't like pre-workouts, make me feel dependant
Dunno if cutting volume would help, since I'm already only doing 3 x 5 for squats and 1x5 work sets for deadlift.
Sweet baby Jesus, on my cut my workouts have become so fucking retardedly hard. If I have to rest 10 seconds between deadlifts reps on my work set, and rest like 6 minutes between squat sets, should I just lower the weight?
"A lot of people don't think that collapsed arches be like it is. But it do." - Usain Bolt
You compete, brah? I compete.
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