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Since I started doing high rep curls at the end of my workouts I feel like I've got a permanent .5" on them lol. My elbow still hurts I though.
Aw but when you're done you can come hang out with me in the 'kok. That's worth anything.
Increasing blood flow is key to recovering from injury. Can't just stay off it.
HHmm that's actually motivating, then.
How do you guys motivate yourselves to train arms after upper sessions when you're already tired from doing real exercises? My right elbow has some chronic pain and I also don't want to add to the strain on it.
I certainly do. Rustled a Russian girl's jimmies at my friend's bbq pool party tonight. I was speaking in a Russian accent and she got angry, asked her if I was going to end up with polonium poisoning, lollllllllllled.
lmao just found out that some of my coworkers ACTUALLY THINK I AM ON ROIDS. My mind was full of fuck.
Glute activation has always been a problem for me which has caused many other problems. Every PT I've talked to has mentioned it. The last guy told me he was going to teach me how to walk again. But he was trying to milk more sessions out of it instead of starting to actually help me, so I told him to fuck off.
182lbsWell I fucking hope so
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