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My brother graduated from Cornell with a JD and had to take a job with the IRS in order to absolve his 6-figure debt. He has to work for them for 10 years.
I want to resurrect my idea of a RHET aesthetics contest. Best filter and lighting wins.
He's got a great sweep and definition.
Dude anyone can reach that level of fitness and strength with 4 weeks of 5x5 and eating right
Have you ever stopped asking dumb questions, just to see how it feels?
100kg x 10 on bench. EZEZ. Bitches be struggling to half rep once here
Functional! Empower yourself! But what if a 245lb man laid on top of you and told you he was going go balls-deep inside of you if you couldn't push him away? Seems pretty functional to me.
38 new posts of course it's some faggot
I'm concentrating on lifting/gaining weight. It seems to me that his goal is to get stronger. I don't think that's the best way to go about getting used to moving heavy weight. The repping the DL causes a lot of fatigue for both ancillary muscles and the CNS.
New Posts  All Forums: