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Gonna do a 12 week cycle of test. See you later, weak gayboys
Wait until the liberals find out that everyone before 1800 was a pedophile and a rapist.
lol even with your explanation I can't understand what any of that means.
Any erasing China does of Xinjiang will simply be through sustained draconian measures (there's no internet there, phones are all monitored, heavy police presence, of course public places/mosques are infiltrated, etc.) to subvert the local culture with communist Chinese culture. Just like they've done in Tibet, like they're starting with with Hong Kong, and what they will do anywhere they can control the borders and the media. They're playing the long game of brainwashing...
Does nothing for me. I need my lacrosse ball.
None needed, it's all explained right there in the abstract.
Sir, I am precisely thirty.
Jesus, you must be nearly... at least... 30.
I just want to tell you guys how much I love this thread.
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