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I just realized it's been a long time since we've had a 100% total fag-out in this thread. We came close today, boys.
Negative, too busy to get any before my session
You mean neutral at the bottom? No.
Fucking shit. 200 kg x 2 but my grip failed on 3rd one so it doesn't count, and now I don't get to up my deadlift this cycle.
Only 275 @ 182lbs
db bench destroys my rotator cuffs. I don't bother with them anymore.
You should see my shoes
I'dI'd recomp. Wouldn't want to be on any kind of deficit while recovering from injuries, especially serious ones.
Still a paltry 82kg :/
repped out 315 today finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for the first time in forever I don't feel like I have to worry about my hips tearing again
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