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never change, fuji
Primarks shirts are the real deal for ezpz clothes you don't have to baby
lol I hung out with him and worked out with him this July in London, he's thick, solid, and tight in all the right places.
I ate one meal today only pool party this saturday
Feeling thick in all the right places. Last workout in Hong Kong.
fucking lmao: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=571705649641638
What's your chest/waist measurement? You're just a touch shorter than me but I don't think I could ever get to 200 lbs lean natty.
Lol fuck you and what's an sd?I dive with the least amount of equipment possible.
lol my divemaster accused me of being 190+ today. I weigh 173.
Sorry guys, I've been neglecting RHET lately.
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