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How hard did you hit him?
So is RHET dead or what?
Seriously though, don't eat fish. Please think of the planet. Somebody, please think of the planet.
Last night I had a horrible date with a woman who wanted to try Mexican food, then upon arrival told me she didn't eat cheese. I strongly suggested that Mexican not be the best choice for her, but she insisted. So, she orders a quesadilla, which I inform her actually is spanish for "cheese thing", and asks for it without cheese. She gets some tortillas with beef, sour cream, and salsa in them. Then, looking dismayed, she begrudgingly plucks out the tomatoes and onions, as...
No, which is why I said whatsapp you artard
All the action happens in my super secret whatsapp chat group just for my besties
All he had to do was Q&A videos and talk about topical training methods. Dunno how you fuck that *heavy breathing* up and create a "tactical" channel in the process
Just looked at jason blaha's YT channel for the first time in 6 months. Holy fuck that guy is a mess. Unsubbed.
I have never seen one. HK has a few repro shops but they all carry expensive japanese denim, no Chinese brands. There used to be a shop in tsim sha tsui that had pretty decent repro jeans, but they went out of business. Sorry I can't be of much help.
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