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will definitely keep you updated on how thick, solid, and tight I'm getting.
Charly giving me the golden advice. Looked at my squat vids and told me what I need to do (open my hips/groin up) and how to do it (tactical frog). Will report in a month.
I'm exited. I'm going to video myself warming up and doing a work set today so I can send it to Charly. He's going to give me the gains and do my squats for me.
Shit week in the gym. Skipped upper day yesterday so I can go into my squats a bit fresher today after work.
Really fucking important. The requirements are higher and higher the more time you need to spend in it.
The Jewess will be proud
I'm in higher education. I lecture on writing, public speaking, general EAP and health. I'm working on my first publication (just finished my masters last year) and it's probably going to be on needs analysis and application of a framework for teaching Thai post-secondary students college-level writing.
Little bit off topic here but has anyone successfully used paused squats to build strength and stability in the hole? What % of your 1RM did you use?
Solution: Live in a nice warmer country with great quality of life. You don't earn as much, but you can save more. I've never been happier than since I moved to Bangkok, and I've lived in Portland, Seattle, Seoul, Beijing, and Hong Kong. I earn a 2/3rds what I earned in Hong Kong BUT I work basically 28 hours a week and have 3 months scheduled vacation a year. No amount of money beats that.Also, working on my first academic publication this year. Anyone else here publish?
I'm gonna turn fuji into a ladyboy.
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