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Well mcdonalds is poverty food so I just feel sorry for you.
This thread is about to get very bitchy with all the shitty workouts and calorie cravings. I call upon the real men who are forever bulking to post about all the awesome food you get to eat until the conclusion of the contest.
I fully support spamming our photos in SW&D WAYWT it's just a bunch of ugly phgts anyway
You should enter! You could probably place!
Nope, you shouldn't bother entering.
interesting article on tucking the elbows on bench: http://www.strengtheory.com/why-you-should-not-tuck-your-elbows-benching/
You do it, and I receive all the credit ok?
https://soundcloud.com/carpenter_brut This guy is awesome. Songs are wicked for lifting
Their English is good. The answer to all of your other questions is "yes".
I have jabra rox wireless bt ear buds. With the ear-clip things they stay solidly in my ears. No more pulling my headphones out when deadlifting and squatting. On a training note, pulled 440 yesterday. The hardest thing is definitely the grip.
New Posts  All Forums: