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nah I'm 175 or so. quite lean at 5'11"
I am eating like a monster. Holy shit my appetite has never been so high.
The Africans I've met overseas have all been incredibly motivated, hardworking, and genuine. Is it the American welfare that does it?
Yeah I tell everyone. Most guys aren't on, but they have done a cycle or two back when. Plus it's not like I'm fighting anyone in my gym, I'd be fighting people from other gyms. It's funny how many people have used who just never mention it somehow.
This is before I guess.  
That bitch's article needs a fucking trigger warning.
I'm pretty sure IS doesn't fart in Yemen with KSA allowing it
roids are awesome, I'm gonna ride this train until I die at 42.
wat, charley or fuji?
Maybe they just want literal sharia?
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