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those genetics tho
Yeah thanks for the tour and dem carribean food. I think I gained like 10 lbs of air and water, will see at the gym tomorr.w
also I had literally the worst workout/day ever with fuji. Did like half of one work set of squats before my fav shorts ripped (didn't bring gym clothes). They ripped like all the way down the back, so it was a flat piece of cloth. Ended up borrowing fuji's pants while he worked out in compression shorts and fucking rank around LSE for over an hour trying to find somewhere that sold shorts
fucking lol at people in RHET saying people who look far far far better than basically anyone in this thread (jackman in latest x-men/jason statham) look shit
sup fuji see you in 2 days xoxo
kunk is natty as nattygraham
You look too relaxed. You should have a tight as fuck posterior chain with flexed lats when you begin.Also, don't look up. Tuck your chin and try to keep it neutral.
lol I remember when I graduated with my degree in exercise science. Only, I knew I didn't know shit.
barrel before I can form a final opinion on you can you post a shirtless pic? hierarchies, etc
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