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Week 2: No more sickness after injection. Muscle soreness isn't too bad. No gains in strength or weight but I feel my recovery is a little better. Expecting actual gains after the end of the second/third weeks
Yeah it's from bayer. Slept from noon to 8pm and feel better now. Just a reaction to virgin injection.
14 hours after first pin I felt ok, I even foam rolled a bit. Workout was a bit shit, and after MMA felt pretty tired and wrecked. Didn't have any pain in the glute though. 30 hours on, I woke up today because of the ache in my glute. Have a fever and can't bring myself to leave the apt today. Feel absolutely horrid, and my glute is so sore I can't even lay down on it. No redness though, so it seems to be a natural reaction to the first pin ever. Could also be the arimidex...
Exactly. 😊😊😊 unfortunately my GF would probably disapprove of such shenanigans now.
I don't think that's gonna happen at 500mg of test E a week
was scary as fuck handling the needles for the first time and injecting, but it was actually a piece of piss.I am not opposed to being on TRT later in life so I figured it wouldn't be bad just to have a try.
Been lifting for 15 years, I'm 30 now and getting into MMA and power lifting. The health benefits are one thing, but I wouldn't mind gaining 20lbs either. The strength is also a huge benefit for what I do.
Gonna do a 12 week cycle of test. See you later, weak gayboys
Does nothing for me. I need my lacrosse ball.
I've just been focusing on MMA, I find it much more fun. Still do both, but my focus is on MMA more. Plus I can literally eat anything.
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