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Little bit off topic here but has anyone successfully used paused squats to build strength and stability in the hole? What % of your 1RM did you use?
Solution: Live in a nice warmer country with great quality of life. You don't earn as much, but you can save more. I've never been happier than since I moved to Bangkok, and I've lived in Portland, Seattle, Seoul, Beijing, and Hong Kong. I earn a 2/3rds what I earned in Hong Kong BUT I work basically 28 hours a week and have 3 months scheduled vacation a year. No amount of money beats that.Also, working on my first academic publication this year. Anyone else here publish?
I'm gonna turn fuji into a ladyboy.
My brother graduated from Cornell with a JD and had to take a job with the IRS in order to absolve his 6-figure debt. He has to work for them for 10 years.
I want to resurrect my idea of a RHET aesthetics contest. Best filter and lighting wins.
He's got a great sweep and definition.
Dude anyone can reach that level of fitness and strength with 4 weeks of 5x5 and eating right
Have you ever stopped asking dumb questions, just to see how it feels?
100kg x 10 on bench. EZEZ. Bitches be struggling to half rep once here
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