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lol wat? at least you guys can save money by buying children's shoeshave you tried lifting in LA lights or roller-shoes?
If I ran a gym the only plates would be 45 and 90
Cool, looking forward to the shirtless pics.
The UK is a shithole lol
lol that would run about 15,150,000 USD in Hong Kong. 5000 USD/square foot here.
Hit 250 x 3 on bench today, relatively happy with that since I'm cutting and all my lifts have felt a lot weaker
seconded, I want to learn what jacked with abs looks like, because I don't think I'll ever see that for myself
WTF? Dude that's HUGE. Most places here that are 525 sq ft+ are 2 bedroom apts.
wtf I asked first, how can tesseract jump the queue???
I am 5'11" @ 176, why do I think I would have to be fat as fuck to ever naturally reach 200 lbs
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