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Well 5 days a week I get up 6am, teach about 6 hours a day, and go gym for about 90 minutes 4-5 days a week. I do two days of light swimming when I finish early or haven't gone to work. It seems absurd to me to have to cut so low but I can't change that. I used to cycle carbs/fat/calories but I found it too easy to go off track
so damn hard to eat low fat in azia
I'm on 2k, my estimated BMR is 1800. I get between 70-100g fat a day and about 100g carbs, 150~ protein.
How often you reckon I should do a low fat/high carb/maintenance cal day in my 5th week of cutting?
A. No sex for the rest of your life B. Sex with Buck Angel every night for the rest of your life. You cannot refuse. (google him if you don't know) The choice is yours.
Good, plz do not continue progressive until at least after June 1.
Great vid
Stay the fuck away from corticosteroids. They are fucking awful.
fuck kelly starret kinda
He's a fucking hero goddamnit
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