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I forgot his name, but the guy who was saying Islam doesn't need an enlightenment or reformation sounded deliberately obtuse. "Islam has never impeded science", etc. He knows this isn't the 1800's, right?The former mujahahadeen was a very interesting person to hear from.
Well at this point it couldn't really get worse. Rite?
I have never seen one. HK has a few repro shops but they all carry expensive japanese denim, no Chinese brands. There used to be a shop in tsim sha tsui that had pretty decent repro jeans, but they went out of business. Sorry I can't be of much help.
no biceps bloat tho
Looks like Turkey is killin' some Kurds these days. Gotta scratch the genocidal itch every now and then eh.
And the al shabaab guys get a lot of practice slaughtering kids at universities and people at malls.
Why does everyone want to kill Jews? I mean seriously, what the fuck?
I like how a lot of the really popular pics in WAYWT you can't see what they're wearing at all (or it doesn't look good); it's just a decent photo
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