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You guys know how I feel about rice-eaters
On dat der food poisoning-assisted shred time
Fuck yeah bro I've been tanning every day at my pool. Next to an Irish girl I look tanned. Been feeling shit lately so today I'm cheating on my cut. Had a massive burger for lunch and eating a stuffed crust 3-chicken pizza for dinner.
Ugh 25g carbs a day. I can imagine how shitty the workouts feel.
30 rep sets of ezbar curls (as in just the bar) actually bringing the gains lol. Elbow pain is much better as well
Don't my nice pair of tits (in a 2 year old picture, I might add) put me in a position to talk shit? Fucking lol.Also it's not really talking shit if I'm just telling the objective verifiable truth about the ladyboys.
WTF I've fucked ladyboys with more muscle tone than you.
+1 kappa
Found a place that delivers organic paleo meals to my door for about 18usd each. Dgaf about paleo but they taste good and the macros are right. Will try it for a week and see how much I save.
Well at least Khayembii is out of the contest
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