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easy phgts: (182.5 x 3) lol deadlift boners:¬if_t=like (190 x 1) Going for 200 next Monday @ 77kg. Will be a competition in a few months but it's separated into 75 and below/ 75 and up. wtf is that? will probably try for 75.
Today the most hilarious gym scale ever put me at 11.1%. I actually laughed. It consistently put me 14-15% for weeks
New leader of the physique contest
As per the contest small print, the winner will be chosen based on height.
@graphicnovelty are we only allowed one photo? Just pic whichever one looked less shit plz
lol don't think we don't notice that photoshopping. Look how the lower ab veins just suddenly disappear... nice try putting somebody else's torso on ur legs. dq'd.
Can't wait to see all the entries together lol
Going to watch a strongman competition today. Expectations are low.
I'll be honest with myself: I didn't do much cardio and I didn't watch my diet well enough. Another month and maybe I'd have something.
This piece is pretty great:
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