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Damn that's pretty good. That's Jason Blaha level at 2/3rds his weight lol. Can we get Coldsnap banned for 2 months or sth for failing to reach 1k after I gave him over a year to do it, since he doesn't want to support disabled veterans?
If it makes you feel better, there was some recent research showing that people who do an excess amount of running (40k a week+) had the same amount of plaque in their heart than completely inactive fatties. Apparently, too much cardio causes plaque build-up.
deficit deads
When you look at yourself in a mirror and don't want to cry, you've made progress.
hey sport, want to earn a quick $20?
I'm not bashing him for his total, I'm bashing him for his autism. He makes sweeping polarizing generalizations for the hell of it. My total is already about 1050 @ 175 lbs natty as peanut butter.
I used to like Blaha but for the past few months all he's done is act like an autistic child. His total is quite bad, missed lifts or not.
Sup guys, how was your easter? P.S. Wouldn't go to Bali again. It's like Australia's Tijuana, Christ.
We can all agree that it makes you look pretty baller by keeping your gut in so it looks like you have a sick drop, but you need to look like you also lift.
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