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Don't DYEL-looking phaggots feel embarrassed to wear a bunch of gym gear like inzer belts/chalk/knee wraps/legging when they're squatting only 2 plates? It's like going to your first class at a Brazilian jiujitsu dojo with a gracie-barra gi and a bunch of patches sewn in. :/
lol I was on ICF before I switched to TM. My squats had been stalled for about a month so I decided to switch to periodization.
I dunno about an app, but when you can't add weight every other session at least, drop the sets.
Stronglifts drops to 3x5 and 1x5 once you stop progressing, though.
Christ, the volume day of Texas Method is murderous. 5x5 squats then 5x5 bench then 5 reps deadlift @ 85% 1rm sweet Jesus I'm sore today. Luckily the "light" and the "heavy" workouts are much less workload.
For some comparison, Bear Grylls estimates he burns about 3000 when he's diving out of planes and climbing mountains.
It can be caused by form issues. I get hip pain if I squat more narrow.
It doesn't mean it isn't serious. I tore my hip flexors twice because they were too tight, each time required about 6 months of rest/rehab.
very very commondo hip flexor stretches and use a lacross ball to get into the hip capsule
Looking better, I'd say you're about 17% or so.Not sure how I'd handle that. Probably not well.Also, the worst thing that could possibly happen on a workout day just transpired:
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