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Sorry I couldn't resist:
Not a fan of PWO. If you need PWO to work out every day, your programming is too much for you.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwvTD8gI3WU#t=211 Pretty cool video of WW2 H2H combatives
lift heavier weights do more reps
First muay thai class in 2 months. Fucking 260 lb australian gym owner kept kicking me in my sciatica during pad work. Literally kept almost falling down walking back home.
Wow, 44.5" chest and you're only 175 lbs? Are you a super-manlet?
why not just eat shit? eggs are hard to eat and low calorie/high satiety
fuck cardio first, what will you have left for the most important thing-- lifting weights? also I think I remarked this last cycle but holy shiiiit is day 1 of week 2 in candito's 6-week programme hard. squatting 10 reps at 110kg was easy but then the next 5 sets at 112kg with only 1 minute rest made my quads jelly.
fucking lol
sometimes vitamin I and a lot of R&R are just what you need
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