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they're the fucking worst. fuck people at 18% with abs and no love handles
Probably about the same as me. Look fat from the back, right?
Cutting from 180 to 170. Currently 176. Estimates on BF%? I think 15-16%. [[SPOILER]]
Yes, see pic #2 for exactly how a ss shirt should fit
if ur short-sleeved shirts/t-shirts aren't fitted to your arms then ur doing it wrong
Yeah there's a lot of jellyfish in this thread
God, fags these days. Am I right, guys?
Well... 6 months. Whenever that time I gave you advice was.
These people gave their arms, legs, and emotional health for your freedom, Coldsnap. And you're going to squander the freedom without reaching 1k and giving a little something back?
Damn that's pretty good. That's Jason Blaha level at 2/3rds his weight lol. Can we get Coldsnap banned for 2 months or sth for failing to reach 1k after I gave him over a year to do it, since he doesn't want to support disabled veterans?
New Posts  All Forums: