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fuck u mark, only the linen shorts are decent also, being in the changing room resulted in me seeing myself from 360 degrees and now I have decided to give up food tysm
brb going to H&M
On a side note I engineered my own layoff yesterday. Getting an extra 3 months salary + 1 month off. Not bad, now I just need to find a good job in Bangkok or Chiang Mai.
That saying doesn't make any sense. What's company ink for if not to dip your pen in it?
well you could always try the video I posted dickhead
I am growing a scaly patch on both scapula :x
Holy shit lol: http://youtu.be/qY1szcZnYDk Elgin just won a fan, and I unsubbed from Hulse's channel (didn't watch anymore anyway but his attitude is pretty pathological at this point)
I'd move to Spain but there are literally no jobs. Maybe one day.
Sometimes I wonder how I have any friends left on facebook, but then I remember that some of them are like tesseract
Philippines brah. Trust me. I'd see you there.
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