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how else is it gonna get fixed if the white man don't wanna get his hands dirty?
Did you watch "This is what winning looks like"? Excellent documentary about why afghanistan is shitfucked.
As an MA linguistics I thank you to not post Chomsky here again.
lmao this is brilliant
China "got out of poverty" by getting about 1 billion of 1.3 billion people used to near-slavery factory jobs. Neither India nor China are in enviable social positions, regardless of some people getting rich by outsourcing to them.
Followed by Clinton throwing all the sacrifices away.
I forgot his name, but the guy who was saying Islam doesn't need an enlightenment or reformation sounded deliberately obtuse. "Islam has never impeded science", etc. He knows this isn't the 1800's, right?The former mujahahadeen was a very interesting person to hear from.
Well at this point it couldn't really get worse. Rite?
I have never seen one. HK has a few repro shops but they all carry expensive japanese denim, no Chinese brands. There used to be a shop in tsim sha tsui that had pretty decent repro jeans, but they went out of business. Sorry I can't be of much help.
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