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Looking better, I'd say you're about 17% or so.Not sure how I'd handle that. Probably not well.Also, the worst thing that could possibly happen on a workout day just transpired:
Haha that's how mine looks as well.
5x5 is a lot of volume on a compound lift. If you're cutting I'd go to 3x5 but keep the intensity.
thought the texas method was too hard didn't realize I was supposed to begin with 85% of my 3x5 weights lol
oh lord
ain't nobody able to read that
Saw there were 96 posts this morning. First thought: "what, did the whole forum decide to go on anabolics?
Saw there were 55 posts. First thought "what, did coldsnap claim he had abs or something?"
Holy hell, I did 5x5 cleans at the end of my workout for the first time in about 4 years.
No I wasn't cool with that either. *tried* I told him to fuck off and spot me normally
New Posts  All Forums: