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If TK's back I'll come back.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cETdaVvsxg8 scooby doo a day old roast beef sandwich:D
My lifts are worst in 6 years. Thanks, muay thai!
I had a couple of shoes made at Siam Leather Goods in Silom, Bangkok. It's at Sala Daeng BTS. Street address is 32 Surawong Rd., Bangkok, 10500 Thailand (you can find them on google maps). It's about 300 USD per pair of shoes, and I had two pairs made. One was a clone of a pair of older shoes I have (the brogues) which I simply wanted again but in higher quality, and the other is my own design. You can customize a lot more in-depth if you want to, their sales guy had a...
niiga those wings look povery as fuck. no h8. sry.
He does have super short shorts.
Yes, because all of Thailand is a stereotype
So I joined a Muay Thai gym with a power rack. Hopefully it won't be used much and I can get workouts in without a problem. Did 5/3/1 deadlift day for week 3 followed by 90 minutes of muay thai, which was a terrible, terrible idea. I haven't done it in years and my cardio is terrible, but hopefully it will help me shed a few stubborn pounds.
seconded. The happiest I've seen fuji is when my gf bought him a cinnamon cake
never change, fuji
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