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I'd delete this thread if I could and make one only for steroids
You sound like a fun guy
Yeah I might. I'll see how the next 3-4 months go after the cycle then I might try some winny.
I gained about 8kg and stayed pretty lean for it. Normally at 83kg+ I'm pretty doughy. I didn't really max out on any lifts, all I can say is my bench went to 255 x 5 for multiple sets. My previous best was 255 for 3 for one set. Unfortunately, I had a lot of issues with post-injection pain (with one possible infection around week 7 that I took antibiotics for and then went away). Around week 7 I lost my gym, so I had no way to workout. Week 8 I got my arm hyperextended in...
I am mortal again. It sucks.
Hit a PR of 255 x 4 on bench. (Natty PR of 3) Hope to hit 315 by the end of my cycle. 200kg today, was my previous PR. much faster now #makeamericagreatagain
... Yeah?
Going out in public/work is really difficult with these massive unkillable erections I get every fucking morning. *carries bag in front*
Is the USA really that bad where it's possible to try to get laid and fail for really long times?
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