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No, which is why I said whatsapp you artard
All the action happens in my super secret whatsapp chat group just for my besties
All he had to do was Q&A videos and talk about topical training methods. Dunno how you fuck that *heavy breathing* up and create a "tactical" channel in the process
Just looked at jason blaha's YT channel for the first time in 6 months. Holy fuck that guy is a mess. Unsubbed.
I have never seen one. HK has a few repro shops but they all carry expensive japanese denim, no Chinese brands. There used to be a shop in tsim sha tsui that had pretty decent repro jeans, but they went out of business. Sorry I can't be of much help.
no biceps bloat tho
I like how a lot of the really popular pics in WAYWT you can't see what they're wearing at all (or it doesn't look good); it's just a decent photo
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