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tfw Jewish
I've tried changing to more narrow stance and it made my knees hurt. I tried putting my toes forward for TORQUE because Kelly Starret told me to, I got hip impingement pain. I tried squatting wider and lower and it made my hips hurt. I've finally found a back squat stance that I can apparently do with minimal maintenance to keep my fascia un-knotted and hips unimpinged, though it still takes work. Squat however the FUCK you wanna squat
Not really. his shoulder flexibility is insane. I've tried to squat nearly that close a grip and it gave me elbow tendonitis.
I fucking hate people. They put the shittiest shit on facebook, it's embarrassing for the human race to read.
Obviously weights > clothes, but you just need a tailor. Ez pz.
Hmm reckon you're about 2-3% mate
Sorry I couldn't resist:
Not a fan of PWO. If you need PWO to work out every day, your programming is too much for you.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwvTD8gI3WU#t=211 Pretty cool video of WW2 H2H combatives
lift heavier weights do more reps
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