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Gonna chill out in the mountains and shoot rpgs at tanks to kill time.
I've got a kindle and I'm gonna be traveling for most of December. Any recommendations for bodyweight training/fitness ebooks?
weren't you 205 lbs like 6 months ago? you must have gained and lost 80 lbs this year
Nice to see the two people who ever looked good are still the only ones.
Up to 82kg now, feeling beefy in the gym. Doing Candito's 6-week programme, which I highly recommend.
I think shelling pistachios would just lead to eating a lot of pistachios.
Them hiked-up boxers aren't fooling anyone
Literally the most infuriating thing that can happen in a gym outside of a guy curling in the power rack is when your cord gets caught and the buds get violently ripped out of your ears. It's so offensive that you want to punch someone at that instant, but there's nobody to blame. The worst feels.Also, you owe 100 USD to charity if you don't hit 1000lb total by December 31st, motherfucker.
There are literally no powerlifting groups in Bangkok. wtf.
New Posts  All Forums: