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i am looking for any 33-34 waist more than 12" thigh (when laid flat) wool or cotton or blends greyish or navy flat front, plaids i'll buy couple of those
CAn you posst the dimensions?
hello, long time forum follower here, i am trying to build a wardrobe of staples and other stuff for work. i was thinking if it would be a good idea to post some pictures of the shirts and pants i currently own and you guys tell me what else do i need to get in term of styles and colors. is it ok to do so? is yes, then i will give you an idea about the place i work in and my need to get your feedback thanks!
i used to subscribe to the buying & selling forum through google reader, and i used to get the pictures of the posts on that site, but with the new layout, i'm just getting the subject text with no images, is there anyway to have the way it was before? thanks
i second that, post some pics please
thanks for your inputs, but i in noway meant it as an undershirt, i meant basic white tee's that could go with a jeans. i'm sorry if i didn't make it very clear from the beginning and for those who got offended for posting a thread about white tee shirts, i am sorry, but there are like 1000's of posts in here. and for me, i won't have the time to go rant about every and each one of these that i hate.. i simply skip them.
i'm looking to buy a quality basic white tee, with pocket or without, crew and v-neck, any specific brand/style recommendation? i've heard that alternative apparel has some good choices. but i'm leaning toward james perse's although i know it doesnt get much love around here) any other brand to look for? should/not i go ahead with james perse (although they are on the expensive side) would appreciate any input
looking for the Dunhill Chasis bag, either messenger or reporter style. it's the one with carbon fiber. thanks
i am looking for new James Perse tee's in med (size 2) in white or any muted colors thanks
I was just wondering, why is James Perses pieces are on the expensive side? i mean i like the simplicity and the clean look of their pieces and i got a pant from them and i do like it, but still can't justify their full prices. any ideas?
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