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Gotta keep them tata's warm somehow.
My lighting isn't great. I'd say this post is more accurate, but slightly darker and dirtier than his close up pics. I'll see if I can get some accurate pics in sunlight tomorrow.
Thoughts on sizing for cast 2 plumas. I have big calves, how much will they stretch in the legs? 30 31
To be fair, Nordstrom doesn't make their own garments, but I get your point.
Which varsity version will be offered?
I could easily make an account called the_real_James_Hyams and link to your facebook, linkedin, and Korea Observer site and claim you a fraud. Neither does anything to prove who's real. People in this thread are obviously not very trust worthy of internet strangers at the moment. Don't take it so personal when asked for credentials.
I suspect, it could easily double. There's probably a ton of people who don't check this thread daily and all of this has transpired since last night.
Fixing the last two posts 100 nkwu ($1200) 101 arthurmouselo ($450) 102 burnsbrightest ($820) 103 sicknastyawesom ($380) 104 glove24 ($830) 105 Lifetime ($780) 106 dstrkt ($380) 107 Blue000ff ($380) 108 stineybopper ($1620) 109 kevinmaau ($380) 110 yozhik ($795) 111 skeen7908 ($830) 112 iamacyborg (~$1600) 113 cutemelon ($1245) 114 eglbc (1560$) 115 ngredient ($1160) 116 mannyo ($380) 117 yoshi ($1575)
Totally is, I also have an MA1 on order, must have got the names confused when I typed the post.
Yes, I think I got tracking on Tuesday. My order date was 7/17 I think for people wondering.
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