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Just ordered a pair of Wyatts, 20% off with $75 donation for breast cancer.
I've seen post about similar situations and I think they said it was a temporary ban, like 2 weeks? Probably best to talk to the site admins though, cause what do I know.
There's a medium blackmeans rider available on JE right now.
Can you zip the villain without it being tight? I'd probably size up on it. Plumas look good.
I'm 5'8 and 175, normally wear a 32/30 and wear a 30 in JE. They're tight initially, but stretched slightly to a good size. Here's a comparison of brand new plumas: http://www.styleforum.net/t/343980/john-elliott-official-affiliate-thread/21165
Springs were as well, but they just restocked on Kith (a month or so later), so who knows.
Kith has sizes of Springs restocked.
That's the same jacket??
This is me and shoes, like every week.
Has anyone on the shorter side, hemmed a pair of raw hem denim? How'd they turn out?
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