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Has anyone on the shorter side, hemmed a pair of raw hem denim? How'd they turn out?
Yup, I'm also searching for a new pair of Springs, but I think we're out of look unless you find something second hand.
Springs were a one time restock. When I got my Plumas (not from JE), it said something like 'dirty wash' on the tag.
At least we know all future denim drops won't be in the $400+ range.
Great timing, I'm in the market for a Chesterfield and/or Peacoat. Just to clarify, are the pictures and new launches together or separate? If separate, any idea when the new pieces will drop?
Looks like they're active on twitter, try tweeting them?https://twitter.com/CNCPTS
Yup, I was the one who asked and they did a phone order for me. I'm assuming it's the "new" Springs, but won't get them until next week to confirm. Didn't bother asking when I ordered.
Anyone know where a size 30 Spring is in stock?
Gotta keep them tata's warm somehow.
My lighting isn't great. I'd say this post is more accurate, but slightly darker and dirtier than his close up pics. I'll see if I can get some accurate pics in sunlight tomorrow.
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