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It's not all new tags, my new pigtail mercer has the normal tags.
I hate to be that guy complaining about tags, but why is the new charcoal comix tag so stiff? It's closer to thin cardboard than cloth, it pokes me and I had to cut it off. I hope other garments don't have the same tag going forward. All my other JE pieces have the normal unnoticeable tag.
Is this black?
Yea, the fishtail "raincoat" gets soaked through really quick with any decent amount of rain. I'd expect the same from this.
Stick with a medium, you'll be swimming in the large.
The measurements are on JE's site, an XL and XXL are 0.8 inches longer than an L.
Plumas / Springs / Mr. PThe Plumas & Mr P came out darker in this pic than in person.
WTB Alpine Sashiko Denim, size 30. PM me.
edit: gone
If those are harlots, that guy is 7 foot + and the jeans barely go past his knees. That also means that anti-expo is an extremely long dress. Not harlots.
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