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I guess you avoided the do-lab.
Looking to sell/trade a grey lamb MDR with these measurements: shoulders 17.0" chest (pit-to-pit) 20.5" midsection 18.1" waist 18.6" body length, front 20.5" body length, back 22.5" sleeve length, from shoulder 23.2" sleeve width @ pit 7.2" sleeve width @ elbow 6.2" sleeve width @ cuff 5.5" This is close to a 46 with shortened length/sleeves. Looking for something close to what would be a stock 47.
Two pages ago:
Anyone with a fishtail in San Francisco? I want to order one, but feel I may not get much use of it. I'm also leaning towards a 2011 moto, as that takes advantage of the mtm, if that isn't returning after this clean up run? Thoughts?
That does seem like it may be the best adjustment, but wouldn't that slightly increase the width in the majority of the sleeve? Maybe a small increase p2p and pit width?I ordered my a2 on cutoff and received it yesterday.
Guess I didn't mean shoulders, but pit to pit. Jacket almost cuts into my arm pit, but its still comfy. Just gotta be careful not to gain any more weight lol.
Just got my A2 in, ordered at cutoff. Beautiful jacket, by far the nicest piece I've ever owned. Little tight in the shoulders, but that's my fault as I've been bulking the past couple months. I'm in my boxers, so I'll post some fit pics tomorrow maybe. Just waiting for my MDR now!
Only tan and gray.
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