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Can I order trousers for the Black Friday sale, but provide measurements later this week when I have more time? Thanks.
I've had a medium Field Bag (#232) in each. Bought the oil finish tin cloth first, and after 20 months of daily wear, one of the straps blew at the attachment point -- apparently Filson now sews them with longer tails inside the bag, so this shouldn't happen anymore. I'd also managed to wear through the fabric in a few places. This is what it looked like when I took it back in to the Seattle store for repair:The reaction from Filson was "I've never seen anyone do that in...
0. Pay for jacket.1. Measure yourself as best you can. Measure a nice-fitting shirt or jacket, too, if you have one.2. Mail these numbers to Charly, who will reply with a set of jacket measurements.3. Take a cheap non-stretchy jacket (e.g. $20 Gap nylon jacket at a thrift store) and pin it to the measurements in #2. Wear it around the house for a day.4. Re-pin jacket to adjust any parts that were too tight or too loose. Wear it around the house for a day.5. Repeat #4 until...
Well, Charly was spot on with his suggestion of 2.5" sleeve length and 0.25" cuffs, but I had to edit his length number to account for my 18" stilts. Do you think an 0.4" pit-to-waist drop is going to look too feminine? I'm s00per tempted to go with maybe a more conservative 0.38"?This is for an electric blue goat BCDR, btw, with single-needle diamond quilting (literally; Charly says only one needle and one diamond will fit on a jacket this size). I'll borrow a telescope...
MTM formulae are based on body measurements, not height/weight. Everything depends on how you're proportioned. E.g., I'm 6" taller than you but have the same jacket front/back length as you. I know my torso is short, so I'm not concerned about this. If you're this worried about getting the measurements right, then do the sensible thing: pin a jacket to Charly's numbers and see how it feels. 20 minutes working on a $20 thrift store jacket did a lot for my peace of mind....
Just tried to upgrade the lining to bemberg (hadn't known it was still an option after the no-customizations cutoff) but can't because the jacket is already being made. That's really unfortuna I'm just gonna sit by the mailbox and wait for the sweet smell of leather, mmkay?
I talked myself out of oxblood calf as my first-and-only leather in favor of something lighter and more versatile, so just trying to live vicariously... I've seen all the posted photos; we demands politely requests the freshness!
pics pics pics of that oxblood, please!
Yes, no,templeofjawnz at gmail,see available products and materials,and yes (ish).Go for it!
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