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I've had a medium Field Bag (#232) in each. Bought the oil finish tin cloth first, and after 20 months of daily wear, one of the straps blew at the attachment point -- apparently Filson now sews them with longer tails inside the bag, so this shouldn't happen anymore. I'd also managed to wear through the fabric in a few places. This is what it looked like when I took it back in to the Seattle store for repair:The reaction from Filson was "I've never seen anyone do that in...
0. Pay for jacket.1. Measure yourself as best you can. Measure a nice-fitting shirt or jacket, too, if you have one.2. Mail these numbers to Charly, who will reply with a set of jacket measurements.3. Take a cheap non-stretchy jacket (e.g. $20 Gap nylon jacket at a thrift store) and pin it to the measurements in #2. Wear it around the house for a day.4. Re-pin jacket to adjust any parts that were too tight or too loose. Wear it around the house for a day.5. Repeat #4 until...
Well, Charly was spot on with his suggestion of 2.5" sleeve length and 0.25" cuffs, but I had to edit his length number to account for my 18" stilts. Do you think an 0.4" pit-to-waist drop is going to look too feminine? I'm s00per tempted to go with maybe a more conservative 0.38"?This is for an electric blue goat BCDR, btw, with single-needle diamond quilting (literally; Charly says only one needle and one diamond will fit on a jacket this size). I'll borrow a telescope...
MTM formulae are based on body measurements, not height/weight. Everything depends on how you're proportioned. E.g., I'm 6" taller than you but have the same jacket front/back length as you. I know my torso is short, so I'm not concerned about this. If you're this worried about getting the measurements right, then do the sensible thing: pin a jacket to Charly's numbers and see how it feels. 20 minutes working on a $20 thrift store jacket did a lot for my peace of mind....
Just tried to upgrade the lining to bemberg (hadn't known it was still an option after the no-customizations cutoff) but can't because the jacket is already being made. That's really unfortuna I'm just gonna sit by the mailbox and wait for the sweet smell of leather, mmkay?
I talked myself out of oxblood calf as my first-and-only leather in favor of something lighter and more versatile, so just trying to live vicariously... I've seen all the posted photos; we demands politely requests the freshness!
pics pics pics of that oxblood, please!
Yes, no,templeofjawnz at gmail,see available products and materials,and yes (ish).Go for it!
I... did not expect to see Gian-Carlo Rota name-checked on SF, much less that particular classroom quote. This made my day.OP: Other people's opinions only matter regarding things you would wear.
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