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I'm personally not a fan, but it's a good design feature.I don't like it because with a heavier fabric I find that the middle belt loop can jut out behind you like a giant D ring if you aren't wearing a belt. The extra length of the loop and the stiffness of the fabric interact a bit oddly. On a thin fabric this may be less likely.
Plus one: 175 Peternorth ($3200) 176 Distorbiant ($820) 177 masshi ($1680) 178 friyaz ($1640) 179 ricesuit ($145)  180 OnehitWonder ($870) 181 jabster410 ($1200) 182 guayabera ($835)
Yes, and a number of other people have posted that they have as well. The shipping service works as advertised (took ~3 days to get to India); DHL is not in the business of losing articles.That being said, bear in mind the fine print that says "customer is responsible for any import duties". Indian customs officials can be overzealous and are not above re-valuing your package or applying an incorrect tariff (a higher one, naturally).
That placket certainly provides good coverage for wearing untucked.(Is this a bad time to remark again on the skittishness of sheep?)With another button or two, it could be connected with these trousers:Imagine the possibilities!
Zippers startle the sheep.Sorry, I thought we were talking about kilts.I'm used to seeing button flies on trousers in fabrics that are expected to change significantly, e.g. raw denim. And actually, I find trousers with jeans-style button flies to be easier to undo one-handed than the standard button+zip, which is kinda useful. The buttoning up, as emptym says, can get a little awkward. I wouldn't try the 8-button fly/waist setup, but perhaps the man has a cast-iron...
Can I order trousers for the Black Friday sale, but provide measurements later this week when I have more time? Thanks.
I've had a medium Field Bag (#232) in each. Bought the oil finish tin cloth first, and after 20 months of daily wear, one of the straps blew at the attachment point -- apparently Filson now sews them with longer tails inside the bag, so this shouldn't happen anymore. I'd also managed to wear through the fabric in a few places. This is what it looked like when I took it back in to the Seattle store for repair:The reaction from Filson was "I've never seen anyone do that in...
0. Pay for jacket.1. Measure yourself as best you can. Measure a nice-fitting shirt or jacket, too, if you have one.2. Mail these numbers to Charly, who will reply with a set of jacket measurements.3. Take a cheap non-stretchy jacket (e.g. $20 Gap nylon jacket at a thrift store) and pin it to the measurements in #2. Wear it around the house for a day.4. Re-pin jacket to adjust any parts that were too tight or too loose. Wear it around the house for a day.5. Repeat #4 until...
Well, Charly was spot on with his suggestion of 2.5" sleeve length and 0.25" cuffs, but I had to edit his length number to account for my 18" stilts. Do you think an 0.4" pit-to-waist drop is going to look too feminine? I'm s00per tempted to go with maybe a more conservative 0.38"?This is for an electric blue goat BCDR, btw, with single-needle diamond quilting (literally; Charly says only one needle and one diamond will fit on a jacket this size). I'll borrow a telescope...
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