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Size 10 Hand made italian leather gloves Supple leather with a Lambswool lining that feels like cashmere Bought in Milan for 70 Euros Never Worn still stitched at the base of the gloves as seen in pictures Price is +shipping
WHAT A STEAL! I cant believe this hasn't been purchased yet! How much is shipping to AUS?
Both are amazing ties. Incredible finishing on both. ETRO- $47 ono RLPL- $80 ono SOLD There is a very small brown mark on the ETRO tie in the middle of the tie (which sits around your collar) and can't be seen when tied. DImensions (approx): RLPL- Length 154 cm/ 60inch , width 9cm/ 3.5inch ETRO- Length 148cm/ 58inch , width 9.5cm/3.75 inch PRICE + Shipping. Ties to the US or europe should be only $10-15 AUS at most IM OPEN TO ALL OFFERS, no holds!
Pictures say it all! 109 $103 $99
$99 $94 $89 $84 now $75 each Shirts as this price inclue shipping, more photos can be provided, i bought these at Dj's and they were $400ish for the two. I now wear MTM so no need for these amazing quality shirts MOP buttons, button cuffs Measurements as below! lavender 39/15.5 shoulder across yoke : 49cm Sleeves (outside): 66.5cm 1/2 chest: 59cm 1/2 waist: 55.5cm 1/2 seat: 56cm 1/2 Armhole: 25 Check 40/15.5 shoulder across yoke : 49cm Sleeves (outside): 67cm 1/2...
Hey Oli, I work at PJohnson Tailors.Cotton is great for casual fridays and can look very sharp but its still cotton and probably wouldn't be acceptable in many offices in Aus Mon-Thurs.
Thanks for the embarrassing hair photo link Gerry! Im good mate Sydney is going v well. This was my hair 30 sec before, hence the boofos!The next suit coming is a brown s120's Lora Piana 3ply, a lot like an english worsted but very soft & relaxed.Hahaha digging the popover on you Tarang!
I walked past one today near the restaurant fourteen on the corner of bourke and fitzroy in Surrey Hills. Apparently they're hand made.
Thanks aravenel. Much appreciated!
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