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I think you have done well. I don't think there is too much flare. In fact I think the the S/S navy sits better on you than the F/W. A good steam will help though. Well done. Disclosure - I just picked up three suits from suitsupply today. Best fitting OTR suit I have ever bought, and less than half the price of the ones I have purchased. Will be back. If they continue to stock 36S for short-arses like me.
Saxxon wool is key with the BB 1818 range. Great opportunity for buyers at this price.
SOLD Brooks Brothers / Martin Greenfield Suit. Size 38 Short -- Hand Tailored in New York -- Amazing detail. XXX$200XXX -> XXX$185XXX -> XXX$175XXX -> XXX$165XXX -> xxx$150xxx -> TEMPORARY DROP TO *$110* CONUS (Offer ends 6PM EDT 9/15) Selling at a significant loss. +++Description+++ Gray glen plaid wool. 3 button roll, 2/2.5. Dual vent. Ticket pocket. Double reverse pleat trousers. Recently purchased from fellow SF member, but needs to be sold due to significant...
22mm band would be fantastic ... any plans?
+1 for the boots. Great color. If only they were a few sizes smaller.
+1 for the CJs. I would be all over those if I hadn't just bought a pair of wholecut boots.
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Bump for a great seller - have bought multiple ties from Onix. Great prices, great product - you won't be disappointed.
+1 for a great seller
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