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Hello Styleforum, Selling a nice Pal Zileri sweater that I don't really get to wear. Great condition. Size M/48. Will ship anywhere, please ask for specific shipping rates. Selling for 100 USD. there is small stain, which I am sure can be easily removed at dry cleaning.
Hello Styleforum, selling one my favorite jackets here, as it no longer fits me. It is a Diesel midseason jacket, looks a lot like one of those biker/moto jackets. I've been wearing for some time, however still in great condition. Will ship anywhere, ask me for specific shipping rates. Size M. 140 USD.
Hello Styleforum, Selling some of my t-shirts and polos that I don't really wear. All of them are used, but have been worn handful of times. Will ship anywhere, please ask for specific shipping rates. 1) Pal Zileri Concept Polo. Size 50, feats like M. Never worn, only tried on. Selling for 40 USD 2) Versace Jeans Couture Polo. Size M. Worn like 10 times, very good condition 35 USD 3) Ice Iceberg t-shirt. Size M. Good condition. 30 USD 4) Prada shirt. Size...
PM sent
Price down Marc Jacobs 200 usd => 180 usd Dior 240 usd => 220 usd Cavalli 150 usd => 130 usd PM me with offers, measurement inquiries and any other questions
Price down 140=>120 usd
Hello I'm looking for a suit that is appropriate to wear both at office and at society rout. Preferred colours are black, dark blue and charcoal. Size 38R Please PM me your offers with mearuments and shipping price to Moscow included. Thanks
That was very useful. Thanks a lot.
I mean when somebody posts measurements of suit that he is selling, the measurements are usually provided like this: Jacket: CH: 20" SH: 17.75" SL: 25.25" (from shoulder) BOC: 29.8" Pants: W: 15.75" (2" to let out) R: 11.25" H: 8.75" I would like to know if there is a guide approved at the forum that can give comments on what is CH or SH and so on. Cause I'm kind of new to those terms. Thanks
hello. can anyone provide me with a link for suit's measurements guide that is approved at the forum? thanks
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