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+1 - video report on Brunello Cucinelli, from BBC News:
FYI: In the SS10 catalogue, p16-17 has "'two colours' ties 3.15 inches". However, they're not listed with a model/reference number. Unlike SS09 or AW09, the catalogue does not appear to have one of the "outline" key reference pages at the back. Whilst there is indeed a page at the back with lots of small pictures and the relevant page/tie references - p16-17 isn't included, and the 'two colours' ties aren't mentioned anywhere else in the catalogue. In summary, it...
Will there be a diffusion/lower range (maybe SF-only); "Office"?
Luxury goods - yes, 58m MY - not so much... pah, Hermes; the small-timers!!
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I will have to take your word for this, since I have not seen furious beaver since the late 80s. - B But did it have Teeth? Or maybe, not so furious - A Canadian misunderstanding?
I've just noticed the original article is now online (includes minor additional details): Cashmere - The Sceptical Shopper
May be of interest... Cashmere - The Sceptical Shopper
My copy of Intelligent Life has arrived, and it appears that The Economist have trumped themselves with an even more SF-appropriate article than the last (LVMH in the recession; The substance of style). Some might even say prescient, given the recent variety of cashmere/China related threads (e.g. My First Pure Cashmere Sweater)... Note: I've not included the product-specific reviews (e.g. a Brunello Cucinelli jumper), or the gratuitous cashmere jumper/cardigan shots...
Just managed to finish my copy of The Economist from last week and thought the following may be of interest to SF/MC: LVMH in the recession The substance of style
Whilst disposing of some issues of Private Eye ( from earlier in the year (this was from Feb, I think), I remembered this fine exposé of Karl's innermost thoughts. OCR'd and presented below to lighten your Sunday evening Some fine advice given by Karl, maybe some of which could become a staple of SF group-think/"rules" (SW&D: headbands, MC:200 white shirts) Near the end he seems to be channeling Eric Glennie IC:...
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