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John Lobb shoe polish is MARKETING!!! +1000 for Kiwi.
Quote: Originally Posted by EBugatti I would say that on average, Italian men are among the best dressed men in the world. ON AVERAGE. There are clearly exceptions everywhere. This seems to be a prevailing view even on this forum (see here): http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?p=2759915 French women were deemed the best dressed on average by forumites. +1 Def. agree.
Great poll. I wonder what city is the most formal (not necessarily best dressed, but most "dressed up")?
How about "Tiffany's box"-colored blue tie? I always like that with grey flannel & white. Otherwise, get yourself a blue gingham check or houndstooth shirt and a light grey cashmere tie.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH I feel that that can be said about a lot of girls. Girls generally wear terrible shoes. +1. You really appreciate the ones that have great shoes. They're rare.
FWIW, I'm a US 9.5D, and take an UK 8.5E in the 337. For the 348, (Hallam, Lowndes, etc.) I go to a UK 9E, but the 348 is very narrow.
Quote: Originally Posted by KtownGreg BB, Sammy pant, Drakes, C&J, SD Are those C&J Belgraves?
@Mbkoissy (OP): Beautiful SCs!!! Congrats. Technical question: Do you get most of your shoes online/through the mail? I notice you're in Washington DC, which is not exactly a shoe mecca. Skyvalet has a small collection of C&J and EG, but otherwise, nice shoes are not easy to come by. The Neiman's etc. barely carry anything other than corrected grain Gucci & Prada crap... How do you manage sizing? Trial and error?
Honestly, with the rubber sole and odd blue spray-paint effect, they scream "outlet mall bargain bin" or Filene's basement at best. You could probably get away with using them at a club if you're in your 20s, but that's about it, unfortunately.
I'm a 9E in the 348 and an 8.5E in the 337. (US size 9.5D)
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