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Nice shirt (collar in particular). Maker?
A little late to the discussion, but some retailers are really jumping on the price increase bandwagon. For ex, Axels ( have bumped up all their EGs by $200! Pretty aggressive. They went from $1195 - $1395 to $1395 - $1595.
I have the same Oundles (Chestnut?) where did you get yours? Did they have any other colorways?
I asked this before: does anyone know if EG has changed their buckle for the Westminster to this logo-ed one?
Has anyone had any experience with these folks? Thanks in advance!
Gents: Is it time to start a EG Boot & Dover thread? This thread has been completely inundated by the boot obsessed and there is just no room for all the other awesome EG shoes out there anymore. Any time someone tries to talk about any other shoe, it gets covered over by the avalanche of commentary on the boots. You suggestions are appreciated.
Has EG changed the buckle style on the Westminster? Just saw this... they look thicker and with the small "EG" logo on them. Not a good change IMHO.
Who makes the dark orange corduroy trousers?
I was thinking more like:Q: Evaluate the integral: ∫ x dx over the interval (0, √14).
These shoes remind me of these... (and similar) the Lobbs are far superior in materials, construction, etc. but they have the same heavy, blobby look. The Lopez looks far better with a leather sole IMHO.
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