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Europrep... like these what are they? They look like an EG Oundle or similar.
Crusty, I believe you said you're 5'9". Do you take a REG or a SEMI in the Paul Stuart suits?
Lately I've found I go half a size down from my US size for 888 and 82 and can go a full size down in the 202 (all E width). I am a U.S. D width however.
Great suit. Maker?
Have to say the "Extra 30" for Mem day is pretty weak... applies to practically nothing.
Agreed. Would be great if they came to DC, but it would seem like Chevy Chase, Tysons Galleria, or else near Farragut North or Georgetown might be better locations. Hard to see someone walking past the Verizon Center w/their Paul Stuart purchase...
I like the shirt. Who makes it?
My experience is that the almond is ruddier (my Longmoors in Almond Country Calf are definitely darker than the picture there), the Rosewood is accurate, the Walnut is darker than shown in the pic.
Wow--those sound like very roomy pants on your frame. Do you have a pic? You seem to have a slim build and 11" leg opening seems very wide.
Emptym, very well put.
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