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^^^ I'm actually surprised. This is the time of year they do a "friends and family" sale 30 + 15 or 40 + 15 and usually has a pretty broad selection. This time it is a 50% off a small, poor selection.
^^^Practically nothing good is on sale right now, though
Guys-- The EG online shop is up...
@Cantabrigian Nice! Really like that collar. Who makes the shirt?
They aren't cheap or conveniently located, but Prestige (9420 Georgia Ave Silver Spring, MD) is exceptional. A rare gem in DC. In fact, given the sartorial abyss that is Washington DC it is surprising such a high-end cleaner would exist there. Top of the top.
Gents, Before you start giving Tibor advice on hat wearing (as he is obviously far more knowledgeable than most) read up on your etiquette. Technically wearing a hat at the counter (bar) of a casual dining establishment such as perhaps the pizza place he is at is correct. If the place is a more formal restaurant then it is debatable.
SeaJen, Nice! One comment: I would have thought that a wedding with that sort of budget and detail (e.g. the silk outfit for your son) would have required morning coat & striped trousers and not just suit and tie... was it a relative of yours?
Is the square Yellow Hook as well? Very nice combo! (If not, who makes the square?)
Nice shirt (collar in particular). Maker?
A little late to the discussion, but some retailers are really jumping on the price increase bandwagon. For ex, Axels ( have bumped up all their EGs by $200! Pretty aggressive. They went from $1195 - $1395 to $1395 - $1595.
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