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I like the shirt. Who makes it?
My experience is that the almond is ruddier (my Longmoors in Almond Country Calf are definitely darker than the picture there), the Rosewood is accurate, the Walnut is darker than shown in the pic.
Wow--those sound like very roomy pants on your frame. Do you have a pic? You seem to have a slim build and 11" leg opening seems very wide.
Emptym, very well put.
Very nice!
AS Herrick?
Cracked: Do you polish them exclusively with Reno? How often? I have the same shoes and like how yours look very much!
+1 for Wilkes. Their sales guys really know how Lobbs fit last-wise. I've found Nieman's to be more hit and miss.
Agreed. I am not a Dover fan either.
Actually, I beg to differ. I've had to call several times with no help at all from the customer service. Still waiting on an email I sent them in Oct.
New Posts  All Forums: