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Wow--those sound like very roomy pants on your frame. Do you have a pic? You seem to have a slim build and 11" leg opening seems very wide.
Emptym, very well put.
Very nice!
AS Herrick?
Cracked: Do you polish them exclusively with Reno? How often? I have the same shoes and like how yours look very much!
+1 for Wilkes. Their sales guys really know how Lobbs fit last-wise. I've found Nieman's to be more hit and miss.
Agreed. I am not a Dover fan either.
Actually, I beg to differ. I've had to call several times with no help at all from the customer service. Still waiting on an email I sent them in Oct.
Cuffs are too large. Won't fit in a blazer, as someone said above...
Who makes your tassel loafers?
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