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Who makes the dark orange corduroy trousers?
I was thinking more like:Q: Evaluate the integral: ∫ x dx over the interval (0, √14).
These shoes remind me of these... (and similar)http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/57046?feat=Loafers-SR0&page=men-s-classic-penny-loafers-rubber-soleObviously the Lobbs are far superior in materials, construction, etc. but they have the same heavy, blobby look. The Lopez looks far better with a leather sole IMHO.
Hate to say this, but these look like geriatric-ready loafers... not a good look at all--unless you're 80+
Agreed. The Oundle is far better.
Europrep... like these what are they? They look like an EG Oundle or similar.
Crusty, I believe you said you're 5'9". Do you take a REG or a SEMI in the Paul Stuart suits?
Lately I've found I go half a size down from my US size for 888 and 82 and can go a full size down in the 202 (all E width). I am a U.S. D width however.
Great suit. Maker?
Have to say the "Extra 30" for Mem day is pretty weak... applies to practically nothing.
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