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Nice--is that berry suede on the upper part?
Great shoes. Too bad Khaki's doesn't have my size...
The regular Malvern has a different medallion on the toe. Did you have those MTO'd?
Which model/color EGs are those?
Thanks very much for the offer, you are very kind! I was hoping to see the whole selection however; so I will hold off for now... also I may be traveling to Dubai in the near future...
Nice where did you get those?
Rob,Gorgeous jacket--who makes it?
Very weak selection for an Aston Martin-driving spy...
^^^ I'm actually surprised. This is the time of year they do a "friends and family" sale 30 + 15 or 40 + 15 and usually has a pretty broad selection. This time it is a 50% off a small, poor selection.
^^^Practically nothing good is on sale right now, though
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