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Just a thought--in this very competitive market, I'm surprised your ties are "standard" construction. Many discerning tie aficionados buy ties that are self-tipped and tacked, or hand rolled at the blade ends. Standard tipping is not really preferred by many.
^^^^This. The real reason for the increase in the pound price is that the U.S. (and other currency) prices are WAY out of whack with the UK price. For ex. a GBP800 shoe at the current exchange rate should be USD995 but EG charges US customers USD1,220!!!! It is as if the Brexit never happened. EG knows people travel and so they can't have the UK price so low as they sell to a worldwide customer base who get gouged in their local currencies. What they really should do...
Nice--is that berry suede on the upper part?
Great shoes. Too bad Khaki's doesn't have my size...
The regular Malvern has a different medallion on the toe. Did you have those MTO'd?
Which model/color EGs are those?
Thanks very much for the offer, you are very kind! I was hoping to see the whole selection however; so I will hold off for now... also I may be traveling to Dubai in the near future...
Nice where did you get those?
Rob,Gorgeous jacket--who makes it?
Very weak selection for an Aston Martin-driving spy...
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