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Shocking. Apart from the $1350 prices on the shell C&Js, there has been an overall price increase--the EG made Grant IIs are $1950! They were $1250. That is crazy for regular black calf Oundles.
I've always liked that tie... who makes it?
Cleav-- Nice! By the way, what do you use to get polish off your shoes? (Say you put on a darker polish and want to remove it)
How about a brown one with a light blue pattern (like dots for ex.)
Very nice! Merry Christmas!
You always have a great shine on your shoes. Have you posted your shoe-shine method? If not, can you describe it?
So essentially what you are saying is the "new" versions of the lasts will fit just a touch roomier than the older ones, but not enough for a true size difference--hence if a size is borderline big on the old last, it will definitely be big on the new last. Thanks for the info.
I'd like to know as well what you are referring to. I have been an 8.5/9 on the E888, E202, and E82 lasts for years without any issue--just got a pair two weeks ago that fit perfectly on the E888. Would like to know more.
@GMMcL - who makes that pocket square? Very nice! Do you have a full picture of it by chance?
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