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Thank you for clearing that up for me. I did not know if it would be better since it was more of a natural product and I thought I read where some of the formulas had changed for Obernauf and Sno Seal, containing less wax. But I might have dreamed that lol..... I will definitely go with the Obernaufs though. Most of the pictures I have seen that I like used it any way.
Does anyone know which one of Otterwax or Obernauf LP would be better to wax Iron Ranger Hawthornes ? I know most people use LP but I was curious if anyone has used Otterwax or both.
NIB Red Wing 2962 size 9D. Fit is about the same as Iron Rangers. Great looking boot with interesting Yuma leather. $210 shipped Conus. I will post pictures later on when I have time to take them.
Can someone tell me if these are 2962 or 2963 ? The color of stock photos look a lot different than other photos on both. So I thought maybe someone here had a pair. Thanks
Thank you very much. I remember now looking at them now. I'm stuck between Chippewa Service Boot, RW 2962 and Buttero High Desert Boot. Decisions decisions.
No, I'm not sure at all. I don't think I've ever seen any Red Wings like that but you could be right. I was really just going off the sole more than anything and I thought they looked similar to some of the Chippewa boots. Do you know which Red Wing model you think they are ? Thanks
I'm guessing these are Chippewa boots. Can anyone help me with the model and color if they are ? I can not find where I got this picture so I'm lost on the details. Thanks
Hi, looking for some wool dress pants. Howard Yount or Epaulet. Sizes 30 31 or 32
Does anyone know a boot that is similar to this without the $800 price tag ? Maybe $500 and below. I'm looking for a standard looking work boot with a high heel counter. Oak Streek Trench boot is close but I do not like the low profile sole....,, The third picture is a Buttero boot. How is the quality with Buttero ? Motor Buttero
Thank you !
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