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Thank you very much. I remember now looking at them now. I'm stuck between Chippewa Service Boot, RW 2962 and Buttero High Desert Boot. Decisions decisions.
No, I'm not sure at all. I don't think I've ever seen any Red Wings like that but you could be right. I was really just going off the sole more than anything and I thought they looked similar to some of the Chippewa boots. Do you know which Red Wing model you think they are ? Thanks
I'm guessing these are Chippewa boots. Can anyone help me with the model and color if they are ? I can not find where I got this picture so I'm lost on the details. Thanks
Hi, looking for some wool dress pants. Howard Yount or Epaulet. Sizes 30 31 or 32
Does anyone know a boot that is similar to this without the $800 price tag ? Maybe $500 and below. I'm looking for a standard looking work boot with a high heel counter. Oak Streek Trench boot is close but I do not like the low profile sole....,, The third picture is a Buttero boot. How is the quality with Buttero ? Motor Buttero
Thank you !
Can anyone tell me what model these are ? They might just be part of Red Wings regular line for all I know. I've been looking for something like this lately. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Red-Wing-Shoes-USA-Made-Mens-10-D-43-DISTRESSED-Leather-Work-Boots-xy-/331154831127?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item4d1a5db717
They look great. It seems every photo I see of Nat Cxl looks a little different. I guess it is the lighting. But yours is what I expected after some wear. Thanks for posting it. You helped me out with my decision.
Yeah, if I knew they would turn out like that then I would definitely go with Natural. Does yours clean up ok ? I have a belt made of natural leather and part of it just looks dirty. I have never really tried to clean it though . I just oil it every once in a while. ........... That would be great if you could post some pictures sometime. Thanks
Thanks guys. I really do not know that much about the different kinds of leathers White's uses but I'm looking for something that will age well and have some distressing after a while. I guess it is called Pull Up leather. I'm looking at both Brow and Natural Chromexcel and also Distressed Brown. Does anyone have any other suggestions or prefer one of the ones I named over the other ? I am looking to build a boot that looks similar to what I posted below. I just do not...
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