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Want to buy Gitman Vintage Olive Overdyed Shirt In Small Or Medium
WTB Wings and Horns Small or Medium Oxford Shirts
For sale $75 shipped Conus. Retail $250...... Very nice shirt. Brand new Harry Stedman's classically styled '50s shirt is made from soft Supima cotton, grown in the USA and expertly woven in Japan. True to 50s originals they've included a 3-finger button down collar - larger than many of today's decidedly petit offerings - that rolls to give to a strong, traditional look. Paying close attention to shirts of the era, they've done away with a chest pocket, installed a 5...
Hi, I'm looking to sale a pair of Samurai 710 size 31. I just bought these last week. They are brand new and never soaked. Only tried on. $255 shipped Conus
For sale, Samurai 710 size 32 Arcs and red tag. Hot soaked. Only tried on because they are a little too big for me. $225 shipped Conus. Let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you for clearing that up for me. I did not know if it would be better since it was more of a natural product and I thought I read where some of the formulas had changed for Obernauf and Sno Seal, containing less wax. But I might have dreamed that lol..... I will definitely go with the Obernaufs though. Most of the pictures I have seen that I like used it any way.
Does anyone know which one of Otterwax or Obernauf LP would be better to wax Iron Ranger Hawthornes ? I know most people use LP but I was curious if anyone has used Otterwax or both.
NIB Red Wing 2962 size 9D. Fit is about the same as Iron Rangers. Great looking boot with interesting Yuma leather. $210 shipped Conus. I will post pictures later on when I have time to take them.
Can someone tell me if these are 2962 or 2963 ? The color of stock photos look a lot different than other photos on both. So I thought maybe someone here had a pair. Thanks
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