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Looking for some grenadine ties. Please contact me if you have any available. Thanks
Looking for a pair of black longwings with antique or natural trim. Does anyone have any ideas ?
Thank you. That definitely makes me feel good about the purchase then. The place I bought them from still has a few left. . Plus some Santoni Townsend, Griffins and loafers I believe. The Griffins definitely look shell from what I can tell so I might snatch up a pair of those also.
Hi, I just recently ran across and purchased a pair of Santoni's. To my surprise they turned out to be Cordovan. I am not an expert on Horween or Santoni so are these shell or does Horween make a non shell cordovan also ? I purchased them for $300 NIB, Do any of you guys with more experience with Santoni believe this is a fair price ? Sorry about the pics. I will try and take some better ones shortly.
Looking for a raised texture tie from Tom Ford. Preferably black in color.
Looking for some RLBL or Blue Label suits in sizes 40S or 40R. Preferably gray or navy.
Yeah, I saw the the Japanese Denim shirt but I also ran across a Japanese Indigo that looked somewhat similar to the Overdyed. It is the only one I've seen close to the OD.http://www.eastdane.com/japanese-indigo-shirt-gitman-vintage/vp/v=1/1575327961.htm?folderID=28578&colorId=12560I did not think of that. It very well could be a sample. He sent it with a Barneys tag but they do not say Gitman on it anywhere. Honestly I can deal with the sizing as long as I don't put on...
That's odd. I suppose Gitman only makes one dark navy like that. The only other one I've seen is the Japanese navy on Eastdane but it seems a little brighter. I do not believe it has been altered but maybe I'm wrong.Also all of the buttons are unraveling before the first wash. Has anyone had any problems with the buttons lately ?
I just bought what I believe to be as a Navy Overdyed Gitman shirt. The tag does not say for sure but it came from Barney's. The seller said it was new and unwashed. Does anyone happen to know if the Navy runs smaller than the olive and black overdyeds ? It fits but seems to be about half a size smaller. All three overdyed that I own are size medium. Thanks
[/SIZELooking to sale a pair of Iron Heart 666S in size 32. They have been chain stitched to a 32 inseam. They have very light wear with really the only noticeable fading is a cuff mark. Looking for $175 shipped Conus. I will post pictures shortly...,, update : just noticed a small loose stitch on the pocket. Shouldn't take five minutes or a couple dollars to fix. Probably just two or three stitches and it will be fine. Included pic.
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