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One more question, how often do we do a GMTO here and about how long till the next one ?
Thanks, they do have some great deals available. Unfortunately nothing in my size 9 with +7 eyelets. I will definitely keep looking for new listings though.
Haha.... I apologize. I did not realize this was a "do not discuss" topic..... I like the 8's but I think the 9 and 10's look the best. Originally I would have said exposed but I ran across some pictures of the painted ones they did some time back. They look amazing, minus the paint.
How often does Viberg release a 10 eyelet 2030 or something similar ? I don't have a lot of experience with the company but I think it's the best look Ive seen so far. I'm trying to find my first pair to purchase but I want something a little different than the standard 7 eyelet CXL. [IMG]
Could someone help me out with how easily the toe of a unstructured 2030 collapses. I'm thinking about buying a pair of the Vintage Mocha. Do you think the Horween Vintage Veg tan leather will hold its shape well or should I get the partial structure Natural CXL from Lost & Found ?
Looking for some grenadine ties. Please contact me if you have any available. Thanks
Looking for a pair of black longwings with antique or natural trim. Does anyone have any ideas ?
Thank you. That definitely makes me feel good about the purchase then. The place I bought them from still has a few left. . Plus some Santoni Townsend, Griffins and loafers I believe. The Griffins definitely look shell from what I can tell so I might snatch up a pair of those also.
Hi, I just recently ran across and purchased a pair of Santoni's. To my surprise they turned out to be Cordovan. I am not an expert on Horween or Santoni so are these shell or does Horween make a non shell cordovan also ? I purchased them for $300 NIB, Do any of you guys with more experience with Santoni believe this is a fair price ? Sorry about the pics. I will try and take some better ones shortly.
Looking for a raised texture tie from Tom Ford. Preferably black in color.
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