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Left. /threak
I have realized what is really going on here, and not just in this thread. It bothers me. Immensely.
Very interesting, thanks for posting.
I was mistaken about the runway where most of the models wearing tailored clothing are in fact wearing oxfords. I do think, however, this looks good:
Quote: Originally Posted by dshin doing a search on ebay yielded: Vasque Skywalks Almost bought them until i realized that they are narrow. Oooh man, those are the original originals. I like the model that came after those. Resoleable and watertight. Not heavy by rugged. I've bought at least one pair every year for the last 15 years. Look, for me
Most of the models on the Polo website are wearing loafers with suits. Same for the runway. Who told you they were a no-no?
Thanks. I have actually already received a reply from them which basically said that the only way for them to know whether or not the other cobbler did irreversible damage to the shoes making them impossible for EG to recraft would be to take the shoes apart. So it would be a gamble to send a pair to them as if they render them useless, I'm out one pair of shoes. I guess I'll wait to actually receive the shoes and look at them myself. Then I will decide whether I...
I could swear I saw a couple of RL scarves for women on B&S recently.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty Grab a pair of Asolo hiking boots from STP. They have a large selection and additional reductions. This^ as a close second to Vasque Skywalks made in Italy if you can find a pair. Best boots you will ever own.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria James is THE man.
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