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I kopped a pair of mids when they were on sale on ssense last week. They look so great but I have to admit for some reason they make it hard to get my proportions right up top. Just need to experiment I guess. Here's some pics: Flash: No Flash: Does anyone have anything they'd recommend I buy to keep them looking good? I already have shoe trees on my list, I'm not one to baby sneakers but I really love these. Also: I need to figure out a better way of...
This is probably an appropriate time to ask since everyone is talking about MMMs. Do they fit true to size? I found a pair of mid-tops in EU 41 that I'd like but I'm a US 9, if they are true to size and that 41 is too small for me since they're listed as US 8, do you think I could get them stretched a size?
Does anyone know if the suede shearling-lined MacAlister boots are sold out in stores & by red phone order as well? I can make it to any J.Crew store in NYC. Currently all they have online are insanely small sizes. If they happen to be sold out does anyone know any similarly styled boots? Lined desert boots perhaps? Although, they'd probably be really slippery in the snow..
Quick question: What are the best Alden Indy lookalikes for a college student on a budget (maybe $200ish)? I'm not too worried about quality I only want some beaters for the next couple of months. Thanks.
Does anyone know where I can find a navy/beige varsity for $400 or less? I know it's blasphemy around here, but I'm not feeling the new TOJ winter varsity. Looking at the pics no one's fits seem as sleek as past models, plus the sleeves going up to the trapes look kind of off to me. In any case, I'm just looking for something similar to his past models or like the Gant Rugger varsity that's sold out as far as I know. Thanks in advance.
If you're 110 lbs you definitely can't wear anything above XS in J. Crew.. you'll drown.
Does anyone have a pic of what the navy body/beige sleeve varsity looks like? Are the sleeves on that red one "beige"? They look pretty white.
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