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Probably impossible to find though, right?
What's this boards opinion on the Margiela 5-zip? Seems negative.
I'm pretty sure they have sneakers like this with laces this season. I've definitely seen them in-store (NYC). I feel like they have it with the straps in store as well but I might just be thinking about the ones kwonster just posted.Just bought these Margielas at the Barney's Warehouse Sale, they've been around for a while but I've never seen anyone mention them, excuse my Uniqlo cargos:
IMHO, the new Homerun Varsity definitely isn't worth the price tag. The guy on the Bleecker Street store pulled it out for me a few weeks ago since I had a pretty fun time buying the last in store Homerun jacket they had back in December 2010 for like $300ish (he kept the store open for me an extra 20 minutes while I sped downtown from Yonkers; they're awesome in that store) and even he wasn't convinced of the price tag. It doesn't feel as thick, I don't even think it was...
Does anyone know how Margiela sizes their outerwear? I'm looking at some of their leather jackets but I called the NYC store and they don't carry anything below 36. If I have a chest between 35 and 36 will this be slim enough? I'm usually an XS in most brands. Do people usually size down with MMM? I'm 5'7 135ish, will the length be too much for a leather? Thanks in advance.,pd.html Does anyone know where I can find this or something similar in a smaller size? Maybe 1/5th the price too haha. Thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Luke Banks Anyone know where i can find a non-baller pair of gats? I cant afford CPs or MMM : ( How's this?
Could anyone identify this jacket for me? does anyone know anything styled similarly? Thanks in advance.
Does anyone know where I can find these margielas in a 42 or 43/any color? thanks in advance.
I have a few quick yes or no questions I tried searching but I'm still a little lost I hope you don't mind. 1. For a decent stack do you need a pair of raw denim jeans? 2. I'm trying to wear some mid-top sneakers but I'm absolutely hating the way my denim falls on it. They're 32 inseam (I'm probably 30 inseam for no break) and it just looks like a little tree at the bottom and its pushing the denim up at like the knee to make it look like my knees go inwards. I...
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