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I like the jacket, and I have one. I think the backpack's a little feminine personally, especially for the jacket. Check out kakadu backpacks, I wear mine everyday to class and I think it fits the style of that jacket.
Is it possible to buy the visors in the US?
A little late, but thanks for the compliments guys.Especially this one. Now to start buying an entire F/W wardrobe to be worn with the DR. I don't know what's worthy though!
Just bought slipgun's DR a week or two ago. This jacket is amazing. Apparently tinypic thinks so as well since the captcha was "oregasm?" crappy blackberry pics, don't mind anything else I'm wearing haha, especially in the first picture.
So, I'm doing this practice trading account for my finance class; and I have no idea where to begin. If anyone's willing to give me some advice I'm definitely looking for it. What are some blogs/sites not as popular/obvious as the Wall Street Journal that actual traders or just you yourself frequent? Is currency a good place to start trading or should I just start looking at stocks/futures/options/bonds/etc.? I know the Euro is at 1.40ish right now which is pretty low; at...
If you're ever bored enough you actually should make some kind of "bootcamp" thread. One geared more towards aesthetic purposes rather than impressing bodybuilders? Posting workouts to do M-F with pics/explanations of proper form; I could use some unpredictability in my workout! Just an idea.
Oh yeah, that one is actually pretty old and I just googled it before posting. I just meant the color scheme with the silver zips and the smooth blackish/grey leather. I'll see if I can make it to the city next weekend and get some actual pics.
That's true. But just as a personal preference if I'm spending that much on a jacket I'd rather try it on in-store and have the option of returning it easily.
They have a really nice 5-zip in their NYC store for $2,000 that I've been thinking about buying. They only have one in my size, definitely won't be able to make it this weekend with the storm; hopefully it isn't sold by next weekend. The one in-store is more like this, but a little different from what I remember: The sales rep told me they were getting all sorts of complaints and whatnot about the fit of the 5-zip and the sizing of the sleeves so they tried to slim it...
Thanks guys, I think these are the super tall ones, they're like this when my pants aren't covering them:
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