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I like the blacked out Z4 RFX, wish I saw more of them in NY. Does anyone in the NYC area know any places to get on a track? Other than Monticello?
1. 335 easily.2. c350 for performance. e350 is only larger/better looking (imo, of course )3. same series, don't think you'll be able to get F30 til much later in the year/2013.Since you're leasing it's worth noting the 61% or so residual/.00195 MF on the BMW vs the 54%/.0014 or so residual/MF on the A5. (C350 2dr is 64%/.00225)
Were you driving the Benz in S mode? I find that Mercedes is one of the few companies where their Economy mode is so much different from their Sport mode. Make sure you put the Benzes you test drive in sport mode. Try the shifter paddles and stuff too, pull off from 1st gear, etc.. Regardless, I agree that they cannot beat BMWs in terms of responsiveness and handling. I love the heavy steering of BMWs, you won't find that elsewhere and I definitely like the responsive...
I love my E Class coupe although the 335 is definitely a great alternative. I just wasn't a fan of it's appearance. I wouldn't say MB falls below Audi in performance, I don't know where that came from. I can destroy A5s and A6s with my car in Sport mode. Benz definitely ranks below BMW and Infiniti in terms of speed though. The E-Coupe really isn't that big by the way, I park next to a 3 series at work and it's only a little longer even though it seems way bigger....
Nothing specific really. Just curious about the brand, I was considering picking up some sport shirts if they're slimmer than J. Crew. Or a pull over shawl sweater.
How does Rugby fit in comparison to J. Crew? Is it slimmer/shorter?
Question about APCs: I'm planning on buying a few pairs next month and it'll be my first APC purchase. Just wondering, I always wash my jeans/clothing I wear during the week really often, like once or twice a week (I have eczema I can't wear jeans and sweaters over without cleaning 'em it drives my skin nuts). I'm like a 30/32 in J.Crew 484s, and pretty much every other slim denim/pant I've bought.. 511s.. my Uniqlo slim cargos. I'm pretty slim so I need a slim cut jean...
Has anyone ever bought a blue leather? I swear I've seen a pic in this thread once, but I can't find it in here or the online gallery..
Awesome Tellure, I saw the Florentini+Baker boots at a Barney's Warehouse sale but opted for a pair of MMM sneakers instead. I like the lighter colored Paul Smith boots as well too, but I'll probably try to wait it out and see when I can buy it at a more reasonable price. Ideally, I'd like to find a pair of the F+B in that same brown color you posted for like $300ish but I probably won't have any luck with that.
Does anyone know where I can buy an affordable nicely silhouetted side zip boot? Kind of like the Margiela side-zip, just without the $900 price tag. I'm trying to get a good boot to wear with my TOJ Double Rider (really dark brown, almost black), aiming for something like this:
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