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Anyone know where I can find Flyknit racers online or in NYC? Size 10.. Red or Grey preferably.
What brands make good, high quality slim fitting cargos? I have some pairs from Uniqlo but the cut is kind of weird sometimes. I've seen SuitSupply but they only have one or two colors available at a given time. Thanks.
They were doing a temporary reduction from like 10/30-11/7 I believe they advertised it as an "Insider" sale but.. it was open to everyone haha.
Thanks for the list Saturdays, had a feeling you'd come through! Just bought 2 more shawls from Rugby with the 20% off coupon.
So has there been a general consensus on what the next closest thing is? Jeez, just when I really discovered the brand.. All I can think of is: Gant Rugger (overpriced), J.Crew (big fit by comparison), Club Monaco (little bit of both)
I would probably try a 36 in a non-Washington cut and have it taken out if necessary. If the 38S was out of whack in the shoulders a 36 Washington will probably be worse.
Picked this up a few weeks ago at the NYC store. Washington in a size 35 with some alterations.. length, sleeve length, taken out a little. First "real" suit. Thoughts/opinions/alterations?
Lol, I think I just have big arms for my size.. my body isn't actually that big so sizing up wouldn't work :/This is what my similarly sized DR fits like:
Here's some throwback TOJ. I bought this Anniversary Varsity secondhand from Steeznuts. Really happy with it.
road course
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