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I would still be in business strategy. I studied engineering back in college. I liked creating ideas with imagination and seeing its impact. Business strategy accentuates this part of engineering and strips away the difficult math and inconvenient physics. Nothing else compares on the ability of one's imagination to create real measurable change. That said, most people in business strategy stick with buzzwords and frameworks. But that is misuse of their jobs.
I got an all-ett. It's thin and cheap. I recommend one that is less thin and less cheap.
I punched a thief running away after failing to rob someone. It didn't do much. Then, someone tripped him, so it was alright.
Mine is not even close to what pisses off you guys. homeless guy: "Can you help me" me: "no, sorry" hg: "That's not nice. Jerk." me: walk away pissed off. Opposite extreme of Patrick
This happens in informal phone conversations, so you can say anything. anything at all. Calm down.
Yoga's pretty impressive. Didn't know it trains the body so.
Excellent, good luck in the future.
How about foreign cities, Shanghai?
It doesn't have to be expensive to be good. Look harder, and there's plenty of great places to eat, especially the ethnic mom and pop shops. The girl's not worth keeping if she can't appreciate anything that isn't expensive. Also, I'd suggest doing things that are more interactive, like going to the park, volunteering with inner-city kids, planting trees, playing sports (big plus), etc.
Pulled out my dvorak skills and got 20 WPM. Couldn't find the q. Been too long.
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