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woah dude. would love to see those post-wash.
Yeah i notice that a little bit as well. I think it's just cause there isn't enough room yet with the tight waist and thighs, the fabric balloons a little in between. needs some more time to stretch and settle. don't forget that women love the cock bulge though
eyo I lurked the PBJ threads here and on other forums when researching and found very little about 009 fitting. I went for it anyway, sized down from a 30-31 and got a 29 xx-009, one wash. They just arrived and I think I made the right call for the fit I wanted, so I figured I'd post up the fit pics in case anyone else is looking for the same thing: Front Back Side Sorry for crappy quality, just wanted to show the fitting. Like I said I'm normally 30-31, but I sized...
Anyone have some fit pics of the momotaro x context? i looked through thread but maybe i didn't look hard enough... thinking of picking up a pair.
Awesome whatever - fit pic?
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