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So I finally got my boots. At first I was pretty disappointed - they seemed a bit too big and the rough-out leather didn't look as good as I wanted it to. They are very heavy and feel solid, however. Then I applied a coat of Sno Seal and they turned this really nice chocolate brown and it subdued the nap some, and i wore them around some more and found they are great for cold weather with some extra socks on. Feels like I can really beat them up and trudge around in the...
Thanks for the thorough review man. I had the same customer service experience, minus the month long wait. He did charge me the 5% as well. My boots are still lost in shipping land, no updates from the tracker, but I'm looking forward for some boots to beat up and I think they'll fit the bill despite it all.
I'm not sure how the whole customs and duties thing works, my package tracking hasn't been updated since it left Jakarta. But I paid $56 shipping (to NY) on top of the international price.
can't tell if kliqe made a comma error, or if he really means only the insole looks cheap? my shoes are coming here to NY, so I imagine I'll get them a couple days after you Coventum
Yeah I saw that, and generally did like the look of the leather. That's why I decided to buy the rough-outs. As far as I know rough-out leather, as long as it's thick (which this does appear to be) will be just fine. The construction still looks awesome. Obviously we'll see when it arrives.As far as new people, that could just reflect the fact that the only people who know about/own the shoes are from indonesia and may be quite active on their own forums, darabhiku or...
Haha I think our shoes are on the same flight, man.
Just heard back from him, got a tracking number that is working in EMS. Feeling a bit better about them now... his excuse was that he had a wedding.
Yeah, I'm still waiting for any kind of response confirming he sees my payment and is shipping them...
Hey, I just placed an order last week for the tan Rough-Outs from them as well. After I ordered and paid I havent heard from them for almost a week now - wondering if it's just a busy time? Did you have this experience? Anyway like you, have been impressed with the look of quality. Will post here if when/if I get them.
Just out of curiosity, did you buy the O/W or raw? I have O/W 009 that have yet to see water from me, curious if there will be shrinkage like you say. looking forward to pics!
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