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Two good scores today at Value Village. The first is an unstructured light pink (or salmon) La Vera Sartoria Napoletana cotton jacket. It's partially lined. Triple patch pocket, 3 roll 2. The sleeves fit perfectly, which is fortunate since it has working cuffs. The second is a dark green Raf Simons overcoat. The tag indicates it's from the 2000-1 F/W season. It's a 38 (48 European), so too small for me. I'll be chucking it up on eBay.
Before, yes.
So, I found a YSL Rive Gauche DB suit. It seems nice. It seems like it will fit well with some alterations. I'm still learning to identify quality and bought this not knowing anything about Rive Gauche at all. I more use labels to tell me when to leave things on the rack. So, do I have a one in a bajillion find?
Does anyone know the width of their fabric? Are they standard suiting widths - which I understand to be 60"?
I completely disagree. It's important to remember that there are people behind the objects we covet. I like knowing how one of these people thinks about the things he creates.There are numerous perspectives one could take on what Raul is doing. Jesse chose one and I appreciate that Raul, rather than just the shoes, is the focus.
Actually, the opposite of a spree. I'm allowing myself about £150 to spend on clothes while I'm in London. What should I spend it on and/or where should I spend it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Arsenal They are both two inches too short. That's what I thought as well.
A search for 'Garrison Bespoke' on Google has this thread on the first page. I'm sure that, and the not entirely positive feedback here, have nothing to do with someone making their first and only post to rave about the business.
cksnipe and sartorialism: both complete class acts, all the way. Would not hesitate to deal with again.
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