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When I lived in KY, I was too young to go to such parties. Now, the party idea is nostalgic... What are spectator shoes?
So, I have been going to an annual evening cocktails+dinner+dancing fundraiser for years that has always been black tie, which has made dressing for it easy. Normally, it has a theme, like the Great Gatsby or Mardi Gras, but most people stick with tuxes and little black/red/? dresses. I just got notice that next May's party will be a Kentucky Derby theme. I'm from KY, and wouldn't be adverse to changing things up this year. Women are encouraged to wear hats, etc. I...
I lost about 20 pounds and was wondering whether a Schott pea coat (that I love) in sz 42 can be "tailored" down to a sz 40. If so, anyone know a good tailor in Denver who works on things like this? I have used Cherry Creek tailors in the past for suits, and had good results, but this a bit different. Also, can suits be tailored down from 42's to 40's? It seems like a lot to me, but I'm a newbie at this.
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