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Simpson Sin if those are your 2 choices.
A good tailor can make a suit out of the material. I think it'll be pretty difficult to source the cloth but some member on this forum did sell some Kiton cloth but can't remember if it was 180s though.
Reading "This Town" by Mark Liebovich
Just saw Pacific Rim. Action packed! Reminds me of the old Godzilla type movies
5'10 185lbs Average Suit 44R and 33/30 shirt 16.5- 33
Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan
Size up. I wear a 44R jacket and 33 waist. Or try Jos. Banks they have carry even and odd sizes and let you pick out the correct waist for pants.
Well, if the executor screwed you all then I'd send him a copy of your avatar.
I think its sad day when small family owned and operated businesses sell out to conglomerates. Just hope LVMH doesn't destroy LP. Everyone and everything one has a price.
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