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What you saw is a "floor sample" and if ordered new it should be even.
About 5 days to make your shoes. They take measurements of your feet and you get one fitting
I will!!! Oct 20 or so I will be there!
The person I got it from is no longer in business but I have some (Swatch samples) left but its not a big selection. I can try to take pics or drop them off to you in Oct this year. I will be in hK then.
You mean May Day, my friend!!
You get the suit in 2 weeks
Y William Yu is the better tailor of the two but have never bought anything from either of them. They are related in same way IIRC.
I do not believe that they are one and the same.
I was in HK last March and ordered a suit from them and VBC was in the $1300 range
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