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+1 Very nice!
13 suits and 2 sportscoats
Pinstripes look too bold for my taste but the 3 button suits me fine though
Since you live in the SF Bay Area and there are a lot of traveling HK tailors that visit here. Both WW Chan and Gordon Yao will be here this month and their entry level starts at about $1300 USD and no idea without going throughout the pages what Spoon charges. If you want a lower price there's Simpson Sin which is half the cost of Chan and Yao and they also visit San Francisco twice a year I believe.I have no idea what would make your chest look fuller.
Five Star Billionaire by Tash Aw
A Few Lessons from Sherlock Holmes by Peter Bevelin
For that price range, I'd say Charles Tyrwhitt and Jos Banks to be a god value
He already worked for a tech company in another capacity so it was easier for him to get the position
If the company likes you and believe you have potential they will but usually they do not.
The only one that I heard of is Dev Bootcamp and a friend went there with no skills whatsoever. No math involved as far as I can remember. I'd do it if I wanted a new career.
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