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Try amazon.com
Merry Christmas everyone! Hope Santa got you what you wanted!
Ebay is another choice in your range.
Sad to hear. May he rest in peace.
Let me make sure I understand this. The firm and its partners care about the fit of your suit but not the brand name? I figured they would focus on other things in the interview. What kind of firm is this?I don't know too many shops in Toronto so I cannot answer your questions. I would just wait for sales.
Yes. Network with as many people as you can.
There's plenty of tailors that are good in HK and elsewhere and just because they are not posted on these parts does not mean they are not good. If you like what your tailor makes and are happy with it then really no need for our approval.
The Everything Store-Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon
Good time to sell as property market is hot.
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