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I agree that the pants look tight. The first pic, you should button the coat to give a better assessment
Still a good price.
They bought a suit maker years ago and now they are making their own suits. AC suits look very nice but they start a t$2000 USD.
We all want more!!!
If you can take a photo with your arms down that would help. But from the photo, it looks ok
If he did leave some excess cloth there probably won't be a lot of it. The shoulders are difficult to tell as your pic is at an angle and a straight away photo would help. The tie is slightly long in the photo.
How much did the alterations cost?
You are in-between sizes. Not my makers make those odd sizes. Different makers all have different fits so you should try as many suit makers as possible and hopefully find something that fits. Jos. Banks is the only retailer I know that has the odd sizes so give them a try.
Flawless by Scott Andrew Selby and Greg Campbell. Inside the largest diamond heist in history
You also don't want to rush them
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