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If the company likes you and believe you have potential they will but usually they do not.
The only one that I heard of is Dev Bootcamp and a friend went there with no skills whatsoever. No math involved as far as I can remember. I'd do it if I wanted a new career.
XO-stick with Hennessey.
Cut or Carnavore for steak. I think they're located in the Venetian/Palazzo. Something in coat and tie I would suggest Picasso at Bellagio
Their prices have steadily been going up for some time now. Rent in Central is not cheap so I would assume prices will go up a bit more. Odd that they would open another shop especially if they don't have smart and detail oriented people like Patrick.
Thanks for the pic. That suit sure is different than what I've used to seeing.
Depending on fabric, I'd say $600-$1200USD
You have to remember a lot of these places know that many of their customers aren't repeat customers so I guess if they can do a decent job then they will.I didn't have a good experience with Chan in Shanghai when I ordered shirts.I think all the good tailors have to be in their 60's and 70's by now and very few are entering the trade of the low pay. Sooner or later its going to end.
I believe Yao stated awhile back that some of his tailors were getting up there in age and one wonders whether some of them have retired.Chan is booming I was there in March and they were busy as hell but the suit turned out very well.I've had a Yao suit altered and opened and the tailor here thought they did a very good job. This alteration tailor comes highly recommended from many sources.
Any pics of single breasted suits?
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