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any reason you didn't want cuffs on your pants?
Yes, and the odd thing is that the sleeve length looks about right.
Did anyone go to their recent tour? I was surprised to see how much shirts have risen. Almost all the Alumo and Thomas Mason were close to $300 starting!
The last photo, the arms seem to be something wrong with all the fabric twisting.
Try the Armoury
It starts at about $130 and goes up from there
Seven wonders by Ben Mezrich
It looks to be pulling a bit in the front. The back, the wrinkles seem to be from the shirt and there seems to be something a bit off on the pants. The coat seems a bit long.
Wash the shirt a couple of times and then assess the fit. I think the way you are standing makes the pants look off. The jacket could be taken in more in the waist.
Without seeing pictures its difficult to say but based on your description, I'd go a size up.
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