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Tony Wong Custom Tailor in TST Kowloon
I would say YES but Tony Wong who worked for SS left to open his own shop and I don't know who if any if he took anyone with him. So YMMV.
Not necessarily, all those costs could have been added to the suit prices to begin with.
I think they are all in the same price range
Yes, but Chan focuses more on suits and AC on shirts so not really an apple to apple comparism. AC was tinkering their in-house operation for suits for many years before finally doing it.
I have not. I tried SS when he was traveling to US in San Francisco.
I think they charge those high prices because they can. Chan knows they are one of probably a few high-end tailors that can produce a very very good garment and their prices reflect it.Supposedly, in one the threads/posts, Chan gets most of his business in HK not on these tours. I think its the same for AC.
I think if you tell them you need it sooner they will meet your deadline.
Yes. I always wanted to try Canali MTM and now they have a master tailor from Italy that resides in HK to make your suit fit perfectly.
AC is classic when it comes to suits but SS is more like a Canali cut when it comes to a 3 button.
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