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Maybe Simpson Sin.
Is that HKD or USD?
Dairy of a very bad year-confessions of an anonymous Hedge fund manager
What I meant was, bring a picture or a suit jacket and show them what you like and ask to see some samples.
I believe that tailor, Lai Sifu, moved to China.Do you live in HK? If you do, visit as many tailors as you can and see what they can do.
Your price range is going to limit you on who you can use. WW Chan is pretty good for a roped shoulder and probably best at what you are looking for.
AC and WW Chan does make shirts for women. I know that Gordon Yao did make suits for women as my gf got one years ago.
Looks like Cartier
First, congratulations! Since you live in HK, why not drop by a few tailors and tell them what you're looking for and see what they can do.
Try Spoon Tailor in San Francisco.
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