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Sartorio is a different line by Kiton I believe aimed at a younger crowd. I thought Sartorio was once owned by another prominent tailoring house whose name escapes me. I think the best advice is too visit as many suit boutiques/ places as you can to get an idea of whats there and what you like.
Same to you my friend!
I wanted to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Hope everyone will get what they wished for!
It happens to all shirts so don't feel bad.
Why do you dry clean your shirts?
Has anyone used them recently? I will be going to Los Angeles early next year and give them a whirl. The prices are not bad if the fit is dead on. There were some older threads about them but want something more recent.
I guess they like to discourage one from using their own fabric.
Almost all their shirts in TM and Alumo begin at around $300
totally agree
Inside the Red Mansion by Oliver August
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