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Just finished "Billion Dollar Football." I knew college football was big business but good lord!!! Great read and good writing style.
Unfortunately, that's the only tailor out in that area I've used.
Stankovic can do all those but I'd be careful about letting him shorten sleeves by the shoulder.I've had a bad job regarding that issue.
What are you trying to have done? I've used Bob Stankovic before but I would not use him for certain things.
Y. William Yu or Ascot Chang
Its enough to get a fitting in. What is SuitSupply prices?
Yes, its pretty good. Talks about her career and how she got to LB and how they made her the "fall guy."
Did he ever get punched in the face?
Are the 2% on this forum?
JAB has some good sales like buy 1 get 3 free. They are probably one of the few places (only one I know of) that has suits in even and odd sizes.
New Posts  All Forums: