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Citroën C4 in dark grey.
I guess I missed one great opportunity of keeping my mouth shut.
What's so abominable about the Roger Moore era?
Quote: Originally Posted by junior varsity ...we all know good year welted shoes can be resoled many times and is a lot more durable than the italian blake/bologna construction ones. Now I really doubt that this is true... Maybe they have other benefits, but I'd say they are just as durable.
I didn't know buddhists could wear leather...
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Is it in Central park? Woody is definitively doing a John Lennon ... Oviedo, Spain.
^^Not as far fetched as one might think...
Quote: Originally Posted by HHD The website says the cloth is woven in Great Britain. Doesn't mention where the coats are made: It used to be Scotland, and one would imagine they'd say so if this were still the case. Though it's worth remembering that Crombie style coats aren't all made by Crombie: There may still be a British-based manufacturer making Crombies. That sure puts a damper on things...I was planning on getting a raincoat from...
Quote: Originally Posted by HHD Crombie? Their coats come in regular and long sizes. The Crombie "retro" coat is shorter still, so that might suit you. They're good coats - not sure where they're made these days. What, not in England anymore?
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