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holy hell these look incredible! loving the progression...
Quote: Originally Posted by virus646 About post-workout carbs, I don't believe in the 30 mins window after workout (after reading alanaragon and some other shit) but you shouldn't skip them either. I usually use that "time frame" to indulge something sweet such as ice cream or cereals. Works for me. i found 'eating in the window' made a huge difference when i was cycling 3+ hours a day - get home, raid the rice cooker, and jump in the bath. if...
i used to work for a trucking company; they ran regular tests for whipper and meth but turned a blind eye when they came back positive.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid What do you guys think about static holds? I am thinking about incorporating some into my warmups. I.e. back day, do a 20-30 second hold at the halfway point of a chin up, chest day do a 20-30 second hold at the halfway point of a dip. Prob broscience but it seems like it would help build endurance/glycogen reserves, amirite? i like doing them at the end of my sessions as they're apparently (brosci)...
C & W concert?
Quote: Originally Posted by TrH ...but you carry your gym bag, correct? A piece of chalk in a tupperware container doesn't really weigh anything and takes up very little space, so there's really no reason not to use it if it's allowed in your gym. just make sure your container seals
approx 1:1 ratio
tom cruise af-1 stylee
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum who hated on charly's diet? not so much the diet but the oblig NO GOOD WILL COME OF THIS every time the weekend rolled round. maybe i lurked here/ sufu meatheads too much
Quote: Originally Posted by mrchariybrown side note.. I love america and it's calorie-dense food. I forgot how awesome ben and jerry's ice cream can be and how many calories are in one pint. just tried americone dream yesterday and loved it. yesterday's cheat day of 13,200 calories was the easiest 13k+ calorie day I've had thus far. felt like a 11k day. i was about to comment that hating on paleo/IF/fruits/whatever seems to be the new...
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