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I think I found it. It's a "Popover". Just got an email promotion from J Crew selling this style of shirt.
If you've ever seen the episode of Miami Vice (No. 7: No Exit), it's cut pretty loose, and although it sort of looks like a polo shirt, it's cut a little different. I was wondering if there is a particular name for this style of shirt:
That's some nice editing. You should be in journalism.Go fuck yourself.
It was also a confidence boost to compare myself with the other guys at this event. By contrast, I feel I was more approachable and comfortable in this situation. There was one guy there who apparently has been to many of these events, and been rejected by one of the girls there. He was telling me this nice girl I just met is a "total bitch" because she wasn't interested in him. He was also hitting on the hostess (who actually was the most physically attractive woman at...
So the cooking thing turned out not to be a cooking class per se, but a singles mixer hosted at a commerical kitchen, with some cooking demos by an executive chef, cocktails, games (blind taste tests), etc. There was absolutely no risk of appearing "husbandish" at this thing. I met a few nice girls. It was good to get out, talk and meet people. I got one girl's number. Overall it was good just to get out my rut and being able to easily talk to unfamiliar women in a...
Hi, JrMouse. Yup, in Austin. I know lots of places. It's impossible not to walk or drive past bars and other nightlife on my way to work everyday.As the other posters suggested I don't really have friends that I regularly go out with, and I don't want to go to bars alone.That's why I'm kind of focused on singles mixers, meetup groups, etc., right now.Saturday I'm getting together with some old co-space co-workers to play cards at some bar downtown. There are several cute...
I need to get to the point where this is an issue to worry about. It's a decision point I haven't reached in years.
I'm about 5'6", but I have disproportionately short legs. I don't know what the inseam is. I'm thinking 34 inches? I normally get my pants hemmed to about 28". That explains why the cuff is so big.
Would you: 1) Cuff them on the inside 2) Cuff on the outside (given how much extra fabric there is and my short legs, this doesn't seem like a good option) 3) Hem them, with some allowance for shrinkage ?
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