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I just got a gray RLBL suit at the Ralph Lauren store in Philly. It was expensive but the tailoring is free. I went in after it was tailored and the butt in the pants was still a little too full so they tailored it again for me. The second time I went back for it, it was perfect. Service was great and now I have the perfect suit that is cut to within an inch of my life. Plenty slim with a lower rise in the pants, very modern looking suit.
My fiance just got my ring. I had no idea she was even looking. I had never worn rings of any kind before and she nailed it first time with this: Simple and elegant and I can't feel it when it's on. Couldn't be any happier with it. Something about the weight, color and simplicity of the design just looks and feels right.
I got these in the dirty buck color: Quality is great and they are fully leather lined! ( no sweaty canvas in the toe box) They have a nice shaped toe (less round) than others I have seen. Color is perfect and sole is not too red but more of a pencil eraser color. They also have a built in removable orthodic so they are very comfortable.
Buy a half size larger and buy an insert that targets the heal and arch only (one that doesn't go all the way up to the toe-box). Chucks are usually only narrow at the toe box and are so much more comfortable with some arch support and cushioning.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrDaniels At some of the larger BB stores I believe you can get Made-to-Measure-probably worth it if this is going to be your Suit of a Lifetime. And congrats! Thanks, I didn't know about the MTM option at the larger BB stores...good tip!
Hi, I am getting married on August 16th. The wedding will be outside but I am not overly sensitive to heat. I haven't needed a suit for years and really need something nice and something that I can use afterwards for interviews, funerals etc. I was looking at the BB 1818 Fitzgerald because I think I need something with very little padding in the shoulders. I also like the minimalist look of it and the flat front pants. The problem is that it only drops 6 inches and I...
GS, Yeah, I absolutely love mine, that is why I ordered the small as well....was just too killer of a deal. I figured the small would give me that slimfit G9 vibe while the medium is a relaxed classic G9 fit. The cut, color and feel of this thing is perfect, just what I was looking for. Came with the $129 tag inside, knew it was a steal the second I put it on.
Butchhusky, I would get your saftey size. I'm usually a small but due to freakishly, disproportionately broad shoulders I have to go to a medium sometimes. Due to the relaxed (not baggy) cut and raglan sleeves, exact sizing seems less important because there is not an exact shoulder placement.....Since they are only $49, maybe get two sizes and send back one or keep both. I have a small on the way because I liked the medium so much and I know that it will fit as well as...
Last years Ben Sherman harringtons at decent price here: I got the medium which is a saftey size for me and it actually fits great, relaxed but not baggy and the dark navy color is the perfect navy blue...defintely worth $49....Though if you weren't "in the know" about why these jackets are cool and their long history, they could easily be confused with middle-aged golfer wear.
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