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Packaged in the original boxes with the original Santoni shoe bags. They run a bit large. I am normally a 9 1/2 - 10 and these are slightly larger. Probably fit a US 10 1/2. Call or text me with any questions. 917-769-8410
Bump for price drop.
Packaged in the original boxes with the original Santoni shoe bags. Worn twice. Great condition. They run a bit large. I am normally a 10 and these are slightly larger. Probably fit a US 10 1/2. These are impossible to find. Call or text 917-769-8410 Bobby A[SIZE]0[/SIZE]
Quote: Originally Posted by LawrenceMD when you flush a toilet with a normal sized shit, and normal amount of toilet paper, but there is a perfect storm of awkward flush physics that still results in a semi clog. You stare at the steady rise of water until it hits the bottom of the rim in total horror.... and then by the grace of God it slowly starts spiraling back down. this horror is multiplied exponentially when it happens at someone else's...
Quote: Originally Posted by forex Did you wear them outside? If not,go ahead and either return or exchange for a different pair,it's not a problem.However, if the boots have been worn already,I'd just keep them. Yes I have worn them. I do like them and they are comfortable. Its something relatively minor. Not the end of the world, it's just bugging me and I was wondering how Brooks Brothers would handle something like this. I'm most...
I recently purchased a pair of Peal & Co.Chelsea Ankle Boots and have a question about them. The very top of the elastic part on the side of the boot is curling up. Its as if it has a 'pull' in it. Its occurring on both boots. Its really not noticeable while wearing them but should I be concerned that it may get worse? Is this something that I should bring back to Brooks Brothers ( I work near the one downtown so it's easy to get to) I am normally not a...
Maui Jim Aloha Friday's look close.
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos Nine times out of ten, the best way to fuck up a text or email conversation with a girl is to overthink it. 10 times out 10 correct
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 Seriously. Is the OP overlooking the fact that she apologized and actually wants to hang out with him? I don't see how "she texted me last minute" = she doesn't truly like/respect me. If anything, I think the girl would be better off without OP in her life as he seems like a real sleaze. Older guys + 1 Younger guys - confused and over complicate situations like this.
Quote: Originally Posted by Surfrider Well, in the case of the scenario I described specifically, the guy's behavior was inconsiderate and gross at best, and incredibly unhygienic at worst. But, generally speaking...? Most social fora have a generally-accepted code of proper, considerate behavior. It makes me mad when people are inconsiderate of others and refuse to follow those "rules." For example, you put your wet towel in the bin/basket/receptacle...
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