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For sale is a Club Monaco 2 button cotton suit in navy blue. Jacket size 44R, pants 36. Functional cuff buttons. Selling suit as it does not fit me. Only worn once. For more detail or shipping quote, please message.
For sale is a Club Monaco 3/2 button grey wool suit. Jacket size 44R, pants 36. Functional cuff buttons. Pants are cuffed but can be rehemmed as necessary. Selling as it no longer fits me. Only worn 3 or 4 times. For more details and shipping quote, please message.
Selling a pair of used Allen Edmonds Boston Shoe, size 11.5D, in brown. This colour was exclusive to Harry Rosen and retails for $375. Shoes were worn half a dozen times, but they turned out to be too narrow for my feet. Included are the cloth shoe bags and cedar shoe trees. Asking $250. Additional photos available upon request. I will add some shipping costs as soon as possible.
I'm having that same issue trying to order from Canada. Extremely frustrating.
I got a belt for $30 at Tiptop. Trick was to bring the shoes with to compare.
As utility to avoid getting snow/dirt on them - yes. As a style choice... I think not.
Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint It is deeply saddening to see how many men through sheer ignorance or willfullness or both, are willing to destroy nice things rather than learn how to treat them properly. Humanity is doomed, and a lot of nice undeserving clothes will go down in the process as well. Get yourself a pair of Sorel's or equivalent for commuting during the deep winter. They are under $200 and will last you 10 winters or more. Keep 1...
I am looking for a nice pair of boots that will be able to survive Winnipeg winters. The C&J Snowdons seem ideal, but I am wondering if anyone has worn them through a few harsh winters and have they lasted? For anyone not aware, a Winnipeg street in winter is basically a mess of road salt, sand, gravel, ice and snow. Also, if anyone has any suggestions of similar boots that are similarly priced, please let me know. Thank you
Quote: Originally Posted by Reynard369 You enjoy Hustle? I watched a few episodes from the first series, but didn't particularly like them. It's OK but I don't think I would miss it if it were cancelled. I especially enjoyed the episodes with Marc Warren, but I find that it's becoming a little too repetitive. I think in terms of "con shows", Leverage has filled the that niche for me.
My question is regarding raw denim. I understand that raw denim will shrink quite a bit when washed the first few times, so it is recommended to size up. I also hear that you should avoid washing raw denim until absolutely necessary so it conforms to your body. There seems like a disconnect there. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but my choices are: Wear jeans that are too large for me as long as possible to establish the break-in -or- Wash jeans...
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