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Thanks, Crat! Happy thanksgiving everyone; I've had a lot of scotch already and the in-laws have never been more entertaining.
Same here. I'm 5'5" 130lbs and XS from Uniqlo has caused me to fling large piles of cash in their direction. This fit is almost all Uniqlo: sweater, jeans, and blazer (I had the sleeves shortened, the sides taken in, and different buttons put on).AMEN. Socks are the worst. H&M almost always has a smaller size but the colors and options are generally limited. I've bought women's before, will probably need to do that again sometime soon.Other stuff that works for me:Jcrew XS...
Thanks Chulillo! The jeans are selvage denim so the fabric is extremely stiff and therefor the cuffs stay put, hugging close enough to the leg that they don't look too bulky. Otherwise I agree it's a tough thing to get right.
Looking good, all!Old Rag & Bone cardigan in Golden Gate Park. [[SPOILER]]
Good morning! I have no idea yet how to deal with silk squares but I likes the new wool tie sooo.... boom.
Jeahbrah! Nice win, SB.
But then you can't also see the belt!
You no like the fashion equivalent of bedhead? I can accept. Unless weeds are a metaphor for shirttails, and floorboards for sweater, I can do very little. Exactly zero places in any of my outdoor photos belong to me. I'd have much nicer clothes if they did!
Pushed the pant cuffs down a bit more yesterday - seem like a better place for them now? Holiday sweater time besides that. Will probably try a more color-contrasting shirt next time... I'm Ron Burgundy? [[SPOILER]]
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