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Pet peeve time.I find pocket squares with neat patterns less interesting to begin with, and harder to find a use for though I have a couple, but my meh turns into a resounding nah when a TV fold is used. Not to pick on merick or SYCSYC specifically - just the fastest recent examples. In my mind, if you're going to wear one, you need to crumple-roll-twirl-scrunch-whatever it a bit - like Victor did - so the patter crashes together and gives a bit more visual interest....
Was wondering the same thing. Seems more like the Kevin Bacon degrees of separation game.
Everything just fits you so damn well @chocsosa.
GM really like the square/tie combo, but with the rest of the fit maybe a tie with some more texture would be a better choice? Or even no tie at all, though I see you're doing the FC challenge with this
Istanbul is awesome. Spent a week there in 2010 and loved it. Hit Cairo that same trip, about six months before all hell broke loose there.
Yeah man, I can see the aesthetic benefit of not having the belt loops but I needed all my suits to be as versatile as possible so I just had them made with both. It really doesn't bug me and I too am moving away from belts right now. DO IT!
Took a huge risk yesterday and wore a navy suit, grey tie, and brown shoes. And get this, the shirt is lavender checks on white. Pure madness. Tibor!, Anden, Stich, Butler, Cox, Sander, and the lot of you - great stuff today. Enjoy your weekend, err'body
Yeah but this is nothing compared to the conversation Crusty was having in waywrn. They were all like "askance you, I'm a British saint, MF'er!" and I was like:
Thanks, mans! Very nice of you both. And thanks for the thumbs, too, denizens of the thread.YRR, the square is more of a cream and green (which sounds dirty), and although that's certainly still matchy, I hoped it would subdue it a smidge.The shoes are a pre-StyFo purchase that managed to survive the great purge. The company is Paolo Shoes, designed here in San Francisco and made in Italy. The shoe I have appears to be this one:...
Like the Commasutra you're filled with grammatical juxtapositions. Puns are the highest form of comedy, amirite?
New Posts  All Forums: