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Step 1: Stage a successful fez party.Step 3: ProfitThink about it.
@upr_crust 33 @Pliny 34 @SpooPoker 31 @DonCologne 38 @mcobinad 37 @SYCSYC 27 @Roycru 28 Today's part of a person (with a cookie) close-up picture: @sebastian mcfox 44 @jcmeyer 39 @upr_crust 25 @Braddock 36 @zr3rs 26 @Andy57 29 @Pliny 37 @upr_crust 25 @mcobinad 36 @Mr Knightley 27 @Citan1145 26 @Cleav 31 @DonCologne 26 @TheoProf 25 @Roycru 29 Close Up (with cookie) around four blocks east of The Cannibal: Next batch begins...
That and waking up in a bathtub full of ice without your kidneys.
After many different negroni combinations over the last few weeks I've found myself tending toward the combination of Broker's and Punt e Mes. The Punt e Mes is a bit of a Punt in the Face () but maybe that's why I like it. The Broker's beat out every other gin I have even with the other vermouths (vermii?), though. Next up, I've had several people recommend Tanqueray 10 when I told them of my quest to find the perfect negroni so I'll grab a bottle of that next.
Posted in WAYRWN a couple weeks back, but new S/S jacket and tie - just in time for the late Bay Area summer.
Does Carmina do an unlined loafer? I'd like to own a pair of tobacco suede loafers by next summer (sooner would be fine!). Probably penny, full strap looks good, and I figure unlined makes sense, though I don't own any unlined shoes so I'm not even sure what the difference truly is. Thoughts or any interest from anyone even though summer is over?
Yeah, I probably did a couple every couple of months to reach that point. Definitely would recommend pacing yourself! The fit is one thing, but you'll also probably end up working on some different collar expressions (height, point length, spread, etc.) and that takes time and potentially a couple misses. Such as life when you need MTM
I have probably 14 shirts from them at this point. The QC on some of the measurements went wonky for a couple of them but I've been happy on the whole. Have a couple pairs of trousers too.Good luck on your shirts!
Duh, thanks. Balthazar it is.
Just picked this one up from Bloomies, and based on what Moss said about what's sold there I would assume it's the Balthazar? But it's 2-button and quarter-lined, the latter being something Nick said was only on the Tipo? I checked the Bloomies website but that's also strange because the same fabric there is a 3r2 with besom hip pockets: http://www1.bloomingdales.com/shop/product/eidos-glen-plaid-slim-fit-sport-coat?ID=1605002Shrug [[SPOILER]]
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