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That's great stuff, SB.
Just some top blocks for color/pattern consideration: 2 summer madras, 2 soots.
T&C was a dope movie.
I'm on the fence about the tie in general. I don't love it but figured because it's a soft wool and the striping is grey (but tricks my brain into looking green) that it would make for a more low contrast/monochrome approach with the grey flannels, leaving the square for a pop of color.What sort of tie are you picturing here instead, Ter? [[SPOILER]] @DonCologne - really like all of that. @Pliny - tie is
Jacket is a bit small... length is what it is, but I do plan to let it out in the waist one of these days. Pants really aren't too long, to me at least. I'd chalk that up to the picture if you're thinking it looks like there's too much break, but I also have to admit that what might seem a bit long when standing still feels much better to me when walking around these days. [[SPOILER]]Blue and white OCBD's I'll wear with a blazer but not with suits. All other BDs stay in...
But then you'd have no thumbs left! I can't be party to that.
These clothes... today, I wore them.
Because this is America!
I'm pretty sure there's some amount of time that the system waits before it will send another thumbs notification, maybe just in one thread or maybe across all activity. Presumably not to overload you when you drop the fashion hammer.
Haha, SB's bat signal.
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