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I dunno, there's matchy when it's obvious that you've taken a dominant color and gone to town, but I don't see this as anything but a contained, well distributed color palette - and a creative one at that. The square doesn't add much to the whole thing, but that's easily overlooked.
+1 That's really great, AAS.
Hair is for SW&D.
My wife absolutely HATES the word panties. Panties.
Agreed. It's clear I need some navy birdseye in my life.
Yes.... Yesss. It's all going exactly to plan.
Thanks! Although it appears you're from Florida, so I'm not sure if I can trust you I looked it up - 5cm is 2" - and that's way too big for me since I'm a towering 5'5"I tend to go 1.5" or 1.75" at max, but even then it gets to be a bit much. I dont have any suits with cuffs, only odd trous. Not sure which way I'll go with the next suit.
Yeah, I was going to mention the navy + walnut thing. I agree there but it was the tie/shoe color connection that I thought might save it. I like the tie a lot too and think it pairs well with the pale pink shirt. Thanks!I may eventually sell them. Let me know how much you're willing to pay.
I thumbed anyway.Victor, I hereby request, on behalf of the styleforum community for whom I have no authority to speak, that you remove your no thumbs rule so that thumbs may be plentifully bestowed upon you when the community hereto-forth deems it warranted.That kind of language is legally binding. So do it.
This is shaping up to be a very strong field of entries. Really great stuff, guys. My fit from Tuesday qualifies I think, so I'll throw that in the mix. Old/New: The tie appears to be old, judging by the label, but it's a recent ebay purchase so it's new to me. Anyone even heard of this maker? A lot of my ebay ties have old labels, like the BB next to it. The suede Carminas are also still pretty new too, though man I wish I had gotten the metal toe caps. Blue: Exquisite...
New Posts  All Forums: