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Thanks, Gerry!
Finally some leaves on the ground.
@Spandexter 36 @Cleav 33 @SYCSYC 29 @Andy57 25 @Braddock 31 Andy57 32 @SprezzaTrash 32 @Claghorn 35 @An Acute Style 32 @jcmeyer 32 @heldentenor 46 @justinkapur 25 @StanleyVanBuren 33 @Sander 33 @DiplomaticTies 25 @Pliny 32 @upr_crust 33 @EFV 28 @Tom Miler 25 Pliny 33 An Acute Style 26 @bienluienapris 25 @blekit 37 @chocsosa 48 @Prince of Paisley 33 Next batch begins here:...
Chambray button-down, I'd think.
Awesome, Fox. Helden, tu tambien.
Yeah, I dunno, I'm too tired to come up with any kind of coherent response or structure around it... and considering I had to look up what silk bourette even was I'm very clearly no @TweedyProf when it comes to these matters. Night, y'all.
Probably silly, but I've completely bought into slubs going exclusively with S/S outfits. Maybe because they aren't soft or smooth, which is what F/W is to me (tweed notwithstanding, but also not right with shantung). That Vanda is actually pretty heavy as you well know, but the weave is really loose. The fact that your suit is flannel chalk stripe, which is even more serious, probably makes it harder for me to like that tie here - the dots feel too big to stay with the...
I was 96% joking with Wiggles, but agree with Elio on Mcfox. I have that Vanda and despite it being a "grenadine shantung" it's much more the latter and I don't think it looks congruent with a flannel suit.
"Like the back of a Volkswagen?"
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