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That's this guy:
Couple recent Vanda outings:
I'm a big fan of mezcal. I mostly use it in margaritas and as a variant to gin in the last word, so always citrus of some sort.
I work for the Ministry of Silly Ties; to not wear something like this would be met with scathing rebuke, up to and including loss of executive bathroom privileges.
I think to a certain extent whatever each of us is currently in the mood for simply may not be the soup of the day. There are almost always 3-4 I'm interested in on the site at any given time, and others I pass over for a while and then suddenly decide I want. I do agree with Sprout that I have less and less interest in the more niche fabrics and there's always quite an abundance of blue on offer, but I'm sure that's what sells best and I feel like I have enough of both....
Found something nice and simple to do with yellow chartreuse. Bartender calls it "All Betts Are Off:" 1.5oz mezcal .75 yellow chartreuse .75 Dolin blanc 2 dashes grapefruit bitters grapefruit twist I'm sure grapefruit bitters would be better but I didn't have any so I used orange. I did have the grapefruit itself so I gave the peel the spray...
I'm sure it's the influence of the forum but I find myself wishing they had more large-scale patterns; madders & challis. I guess of the Cappelli ilk; Shibumi sources some too. Because I have a custom pattern with Vanda, their customer service is top notch, and their craftsmanship is better than anything I've bought off the rack, I have no intention of buying from anyone else right now, but those designs would be great to see more of.
I had to actively mash the heels of my meermins to expedite the break-in process and they still took quite a bit of time. Style-wise for the price as my get-rained-on shoes they are a thumbs up, but they are definitely rough for a while.
LULZ @ needs vs. wants here but I can dig it. You might be right about the colors being too rustic to come out well as a whole jacket, although I don't really care as much about summer/winter color separation. I thought that fabric would look good with cotton trews especially. And I have no interest in navy seersucker. The breathability thing I kinda have to disagree on, though. I didn't know how much I cared until I got a quarter-lined fresco and walked home from work in...
That cuts deep, Sprout. Also looks like a shitty minimalist picnic. Are you anti gunclub or just those colors? I want one withou an overcheck and figured browns and blues would be the easiest to fit into the standard wardrobe mix.
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