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I'm highly offended, and would also like to know if there are any stretches I could do for that? Ok fair enough, though I actually have a pretty small head, at least as far as hat size is concerned. I have a long neck, and and am now starting to get my shirts made with a higher collar. In any case, maybe my head still appears large given the size of the rest of my body.Shoulders have always been one of those things that the moment they feel even a little too wide they're...
Whoops, posted this in waywrn but meant it to be over here!Was thinking the same, Elio, but when you say "my case" are you judging based on my fits (some of which run too small) or what?In general, do you think with any shoulder it's better to err wider? Or something without padding wider while a more structured shoulder narrower? I've had shoulders taken in at the tailor before as well with good results, just not an especially cheap alteration.
Not sure if this is a question with a standardized answer, but in regards to shoulder width on an unstructured/unpadded jacket if you were choosing between two sizes, would it be better to err slightly wider or slightly more narrow? Not talking much, maybe 1-2cm in either direction from my norm.
Mentioned it before but Meermin sent me the wrong belt in the size I ordered, which turned out to be too small for me. I told them in an email with sort of a "hey what do you want to do here?" approach and they immediately offered to ship the right belt in the larger size I needed, free of charge. Hopefully they'll do the same for you; I found it to be excellent and very prompt customer service.
That's right, I had the lasagna.
Beats me. I didn't even know there was such a thing as an undersinglet. Is it made of spandex like you would assume it would be?
I'm here because I have a google alert set up for "facemeat."
In case you have to wrestle someone at work for the entertainment of your boss, duh. I wear a tank top undershirt (spousebeater) most of the time. I don't really care if you can see it through the shirt in certain light. F it. It's manly.
Did you have a hole cut on the inside of you jacket so you could use your tie as a pocket square? Very cost effective! Kidding, kidding, but you won't find a whole lot of love for that type of matching, here.Hard to tell much else from the small low-res photo, but the fabric looks nice and the cut flattering if not a bit tight maybe - and is there some dimpling at the shoulder?In any case, welcome to the forum, keep posting and let's see some better/full shots!
I'm also a 34ish - I know nothing, of this NSM you speak of, John Snow.
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