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Unbutton the shirt, tuck the jacket.
Pins and lack of proper focus.
Somehow the large gingham seems at odds with the rest of it for me personally, but love the tie. Who makes a patterned grenadine, assuming that's what it is?
I like this a lot, NYI. Good show.
Charcoal + purple today. Still getting the hang of the lense. [[SPOILER]]
Oh for the love of... freakin' wife's friend getting freakin' married in freakin' southern california. And a free PS to boot? Bummed I can't go. That's gonna be a busy hood on a Saturday night and not too many places are spacious, but you might have some luck if you try to reserve a spot at La Urbana http://www.laurbanasf.com/ which is great for mezcal and mexican-ish food. Or if all else fails, just order a stack of deep dish pizzas from Littlestar...
This and just about anything else with Green Chartreuse has been my jam lately. Thinking about springing for the VEP one of these days. Last Word (mezcal variation, often referred to as La Ultima Palabra). 1 part everything: lime, maraschino, gin or mezcal, green chartreuse. Little ice chips on top from all the shaking.
Been away from SF for a while; figured I'd come back with a bolo. First time for everything, and this was to attend a wedding in Reno.
In +1 Will think about possible dinner spots - Irish Bank comes to mind for places nearby that might be able to accommodate but not exactly the classiest of spots.
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