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You lava his work? I hate being third.
Used the Zaya Gran Reserva and Antica to make a rum manhattan; not too bad. Both rum and vermouth are high on the vanilla notes so they do well together. In other news, what do you guys like to do with the yellow chartreuse? I use a lot of the green but am not quite sure what to do with the yellow.
No purple, but Vanda has a periwinkle blue wool challis - looks nice: http://shop.vandafineclothing.com/collections/neckties/products/periwinkle-blue-with-green-flowers-wool-challis
One can dream.Thanks, Crusty!
Yeah, but JCM-bot is a favorite in StyFo's version of Westworld. Only everything in Westworld is bespoke, unlike here. Sorry I haven't had a chance to do much on this thread lately (or any other). Baby JCM-bot due in two weeks
Sure. All you need is an powerhouse influencer to start using it on Instagram... [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, I think the pic on the Massdrop page with a lighter wash denim is going to be your best bet, otherwise it has the same issues than any really light-colored shoe has.Anywho, like Murl, Ian (brillopad) sent me a pair to check out for a few days before shipping them back. The samples were a couple sizes too big for me so I have no idea how they fit but they felt nice, looked great, and I'm definitely tempted to pick up a pair of the chocolate. Mostly because I, like...
^ 2014 quote FTW
that jc is a nasty woman
Thanks, Gerry!
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