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In +1 Will think about possible dinner spots - Irish Bank comes to mind for places nearby that might be able to accommodate but not exactly the classiest of spots.
Count me in and I'll try to bring the wifey along too!
Tried a knit with the new blue linen shirt today. I see folks on here do the square bottom knit with a worsted suit - does it work or does the formality imbalance cause dissonance, destruction, and doom? Assuming there is a formality imbalance... [[SPOILER]]
Aw, bummer. Will be in SD for a family thing, but nice call on the locale. I was the lucky winner of a box of three white linen pocket squares at the meetup I attended at House of Shields, which now belong to me, my dad, and my little brother
Redux or regular? I actually thought the redux was worth the 4.5 hours or whatever it was; thought the added story helped you get even more immersed.
I really like this, HF. Took me a couple of looks to decide on the red of the PS, but imo it works. Fabrics are great.
I feel the blade represents the struggle of the proletariat to cast off the shackles of immobility in a capitalistic system and/or I thought it looked kinda cool. Neither may be correct. Thanks for the shout out and the thumbs - really like the tie in your last fit!DC - great square.EFV, well done - and you keep your lawn so well manicured And now to go to work way too early to meet the new CEO. What to wear...
Just another day in a slightly-out-of-focus charcoal suit. Really enjoyed a lot of the pics lately guys; lots to study and consider. [[SPOILER]]
Certainly all a matter of personal taste, but I always find Urquell to have a strongly metallic bite to it. Stella is just plain boring but it gets my money in crappy bars/clubs when the only other light beer choices are amstel or an american lager. But hell, I still actually like bud light if it's a river/ball game day. Nostalgia I suppose.I'm getting more and more into the Belgian side of things these days. I was typically going full-bore on hop-forward ales for a number...
In the spirit of all the space movies posted, just watched this last night. Surprisingly strong with a few good nods to 2001. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2051879/
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