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Interesting to use those proportions for the final word; typically I thought all those variations were one part everything, though I typically go a bit lighter on the chartreuse and maraschino. Did you use yellow chartreuse? I like it in the bourbon/lemon variation.
For the latter, I have this one and dig it: so you still get the wrinkles, just not as much.
Turkish raki. Was introduced to it on a trip to Istanbul in 2010 and hadn't had it since but it immediately brought me back - smells and tastes are great for that.
They might call it a sportcoat but everything about that jackets says suit. You could try a 36 but you'd want to try the long as even this 38 is a bit too short looking on you. On the whole, though, the back is a mess and the sleeve pitch isn't right for you. So try the 36 if it's easy enough and your budget won't allow you to find something else, but on the whole it may be a lost cause.
It's too short. Pass.
I go back and forth depending on the day, but overall yes I think I prefer the slightly broader shoulders. Will likely stick with that width for the next order, whenever that happens to be.
I was going to reply that I thought pagoda shoulders had more roping as a mainstay but a quick search 'round the netz leads me to believe the two can be used together but are their own independent things.Here is a straight-on look at the same jacket...And another made by the same tailor but with 1cm wider shoulders...Both appear to have a less severe swoop looking dead-on, so part of it is probably the photo angle. Same grey slightly turned:A DB also made by Kubo on the...
Worst. Rapture. Ever.
I think if it was true burgundy it might be better with blue but since it's closer to "wine" (or at least that's the way it was described) it's already got a little more blue in it than burgundy would. But yeah, looks bawse with tan - and especially with linen given the shantung of the tie.Thanks, T! Hard to say what the shoulders would be called. They are very lightly padded but still posses a decent amount of structure. No real roping and the collar of the jacket starts...
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