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I wear Clark's desert boots all the time as my all-weather/beater casual shoe, and believe I've heard @Murlsquirl say he does as well. And maybe there are better versions than the $70 pair I tend to find at Nordstrom Rack, but I've never found them to be comfortable if I'm going to be doing a considerable amount of walking - lack of arch support maybe?When I went to Japan last spring I wore my Wolverine 1000 Mile boots the entire time. And although 12 days of walking will...
A friend bought me a bottle of Rusty Blade gin for my birthday. Had never seen a brown gin; it's actually aged in french oak and ends up with clove/maple/allspice notes. You can read a bit more about how it's made here: https://www.caskers.com/rusty-blade/ We used it to make a Martinez from this recipe that makes two servings (I ended up drinking both) http://www.chowhound.com/recipes/martinez-cocktail-30242: 3.5oz Rusty Blade (recipes online call for Old Tom) 1.75oz...
Formosa for Kids Cake
Definitely would like it to be ~1cm longer, whick would split the difference between the tip of my thumb and the knuckle where it is now. But the silver lining is that the shorter length means it will be more at home in casual/denim fits.Good question about where they make the MTM; I don't actually know. Others might. A blog post about their MTM just says, "the garment is assembled by skillful cutters and tailors in a European based factory" - and this inspection card was...
I just wish they lived a bit closer And the baby definitely covered one of my sweaters already but the coats and ties have thus far been spared; mostly because I'm not working much at the moment. I went into the office yesterday hence the opportunity to wear the new stuff.I figured you would like the length. I'd ideally like ~1cm more but this length makes it more apt to work in a casual/denim fit. And honestly I was expecting the shoulders to be a bit more built up given...
Speaking of donegal, wanted to thank the denizens of this thread for the advice some months back. Just got the first round MTM back from Steed.Porter & Harding Thornproof 62261 - 12/13oz 390gms - wanted something not too heavy so it would good for the Bay Area "winter" and this fit the bill. [[SPOILER]]
^ I like that FN; nice and slouchy/rumpled - would probably like it more if the pants were beat-up khaki instead of grey for more contrast. YMMV
Out of curiosity, would you need to size up for a fur-lined boot like these?
Thanks, Wigs. And yeah, this is one of my most recent batch that Gerald managed to get finished right before they shut down for the holiday. Figured since I was coming into some tweed that wool challis was a good addition - and I like the way the blue in this particular tie goes with the jacket. Hoping they add more large(r)-scale madder/challis in the near future.
Looks like they're all out now, but Skoak had a Carmina Tarnsjo fur lined boot that looked pretty sweet. I was suggesting them to my brother who lives in Brooklyn now.Only the really small pic shows up on google images but I'm sure Leaves can say more about them.
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