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High rise and pleats absolutely make my wife want to tear my clothes off... and then tell me to put something else on.
How's that saying go? He was a real sit-down guy? No. That's not how it goes.Eh, I've done far worse. And actually we both recognize that there are silhouettes on the other that we aren't keen on but understand it's the price of being into clothes. Besides, she seems to like my weekend stuff well enough to not leave me for a SW&D guy, so that's pretty cool.
So truth. And I've told her as much.
On the agenda for when the current spending freeze is over
Oh, and the wider my pants get the less my wife likes them. So that's a fun benefit in all this, too.
Thanks, L.I've had those trousers for a while, but they are on the wider end of my current spectrum at the leg opening, which plays a role in what you're seeing. And part of it is stance/photo-trickery because they don't always lay quite as cleanly as in that photo.Trousers are a major area for improvement for me that I'm working on; I'm normal at the waist, wide at the thighs/rear, and short-legged, which means a more standard taper (even though it is the shape of my...
The clothes I wore are represented by the following images.
Wife beater is totally fine.
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