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Thanks for the kind words, Victor!I'm assuming (because your knowledge of tailoring terminology clearly exceeds mine by copious amounts) that you're looking at the rippling/twisting of the jacket sleeves and explaining how that might be fixed? I'll take this feedback to the tailor thread at some point, since I wanted to get some overall feedback before my next commission anyway, but it may also just be the way I was standing and end-of-day rumples.Regardless, your detailed...
You're the reason we can't have nice things, CM.
Thanks, CM!
Trying to catch the last of the light from inside, since my oh-so-selfish wife just couldn't make it home from work in time for outside pics.
+1 Fox adds balance to the force.
I feel for anyone living in a place where great beer is hard to come by. We're lucky in Northern California to have Russian River, Lagunitas, Bear Republic, Trumer, Sierra Nevada to name a few... and then some smaller makers in SF proper: Magnolia, Speakeasy, Almenac (makes mostly Sours which are gaining popularity), and Anchor Steam if you're into that, which I'm not so much. But one of the best American breweries I've come across in the last few years is actually out of...
+1I might grab one next. I have a grey birdseye that's nearly charcoal with lighter grey dots and the way it resolves to medium grey with some texture is great. Takes to formality down ever so slightly to me.
Stop looking at me like that, Moss! No, don't. Don't ever. And while I mini-lol'd at Cox, because truth, I also really like the bow tie, SB.
Well that brings me one step closer to ordering those calf/suedePastor, in addition to Salad's question about being true to size, do you feel these pics are an accurate representation of the color? The pic on the carmina site makes it seem lighter on both materials and a bit redish on the calf - and I'm actually more interested if they are closer to your pics.@Salad These are the ones I was thinking about when we were talking at the meetup and wanted to try to get the...
Pics pour fayvor!
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