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Very nice, Causy. Tibor, please tell me no one is reposing with the sealife.
Hmm, my experience actually points me to the opposite conclusion on #4, but @Foxhound does that shirt have stays in it or not? Maybe it's just the thickness of the interfacing or the way it's stitched, though, rather than the presence of stays. Without stays I feel, if anything, the collar points tend to go flying nun if you aren't wearing a jacket to keep them grounded. I don't ever use stays anymore unless the shirt collar is really unstructured/soft and the stays are...
Thanks, TP. I agree about a green tie feeling more like an accent somehow, and yes the Vanda hand-rolled edges do show on the silk, which I like - further you typically get some visible lines/imprint from the six-fold toward the bottom. Great knots with anything that has some catch, the very slick silk does tend to need consistent tightening and be harder to get right for me anyway.I assume you'll do a 5/10 thread for S/S so you'd see these again then, but these are my...
I has the sads. But at least I'll only be a 10 minute walk from my new job and have the opportunity to double my rent. Everyone likes that!
It wasn't so bad when we respected each other's territories. If a guy came into your shop and told you to give him either your shirt or your tie because the patterns were too close in scale, at least you knew who he was. You knew his family and that he'd be wearing AE's or Aldens... and for a while there was peace, save for the occasional meetup.Now? Man. The Carmina cartel, the Vass gang (yeah, your car is gone), those C&J tossers. It's just not a civilized city anymore.
My wife and I are moving to Redwood City in a couple weeks; too many Styfo members in SF.
Also a crappy pic, but I posted it in the CM Lounge thread so figured I'd leave it here too. Chive Matka at a clearly fancy wedding Knots extremely well. I also picked up the navy hopsack and agree with Justin that the hand is amazing. Very soft. looking forward to wearing it once I get back to work. Third of my order was a gren shantung wine-colored with white dots. Will post 'em all once I get back home and have some time for pics.
Shitty picture quality, colors aren't exactly right (though close), and I would probably have preferred a light blue shirt, but I wore the Vanda chive matka TP posted to a wedding this past weekend. I have a few other new summer Vanda and Shibumi ties at home that I'll get around to photographing at some point - but the only non-slub is a navy hopsack Vanda. Very soft. Gotta love the David Lynch tinsel.
As a shorter man I say boo to 150cm. Boo I say!
Yeah, no need to do standard next time if you want a different size - they are super fast about it and getting exactly what you want is a huge benefit. Which ones did you pick up?My last order has no doubt arrived at home but I won't be back until the 20th to see them!
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