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Just got my Hales and two Fifth Aves back from recrafting. They look great! With flash
Same issue here. I have a 7.5EEE (don't laugh) and my Hales fit me perfectly, my Fifth Aves almost as good and my strands are tight on the top of my foot and have at least an inch of separation just like the ones posted here. The Hale's fit is really amazing, I would buy them in every color if I could but unfortunately for me I just have the Chili
Thanks!That is actually the only reason, I like these shoes and if I can have them done in a day and not screw myself with the recrafting I would prefer to just have it done quicker. And to be honest, I wouldn't expect AE to fix it for free, things happen and I've been wearing them a decent amount - I don't think this rises to the level of defect at all, just wear and tear, correct?
So the back of my heel came out yesterday (shoes are only 4ish months old and I wear them maybe twice a week if that) Do i have to send these back to AE if I want to maintain the re-craftability? I assume not but I wouldn't want to go to a local place and have them do something that AE would say voided their ability to recraft them eventually. Thoughts?
Grr - So they don't have a 7.5E in the Walnut 5th Ave. Any ideas what size would fit as well as my 7.5 EEE Hale?
So I just took some new pictures "to prove them wrong" and you're right, I think I'll try the 7.5E.See for yourselfHalesNew fifth St
it was the first time I wore them and They weren't completely tied (tighten) but I noticed in the picture too.When I originally bought the black 5th aves I remember being annoyed I couldn't find the same fit as my Hales.These are 7.5EEE and I remember trying on sizes around there and this was the best, although the fit on my Hales is amazing, like a sock.Hale in chili
Thanks, I just gave them a quick bath in AE Conditioner and a quick wipe with a towel. I need to get some walnut polish before I really shine them up, so far I'm very happy, especially at the tent sale price.
My new Walnut 5th Aves just showed up - and I'll be honest, I can't see the defect.... Here's the growing family
I have a pair of Hale's (8-108) and two fifth aves (5 last) and they are both great but in the same size the 5 aves feel a bit roomier while the Hale's feel like they are made for my feet. I wish there were more oxfords made on the 108, but I might be tempted to pick up a pair of Vernons.
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