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Quote: Originally Posted by unjung I think there's a bit of a difference though between selling something that helps people achieve some end, even if it's virtual, like a magical sword, and selling something in a world where there is literally no objective. As far as I know, there's no point to Second Life. It's not a game, it's just visual chat. The idea of there being demand for anything in that game is ridiculous, because not only is there...
Quote: Originally Posted by potemkin_city_limits Are you getting these prices from thrift stores or vintage stores? Ive seen these kind of prices at vintage stores, but generally the thrift stores like salvation army and value village have much lower prices. "Vintage" Store Prices around my area are more like: pants $15-40 suits $29.99-200 shirts $12-25 shoes $30+ ($90+ for some) ties $5-12 outercoat $100+
Quote: Originally Posted by dunga What do you think? I think Dunga could have done a better coaching job at the World Cup.
Sorry for the camera glare:
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido Downstairs for dancing [/size][/font][/center][/b] You go dancing without socks on?
Stopped into 2 shops today since there are sales for Veterans Day. Was not too optimistic since it was late and people have been picking over items all day but amid the announcements of "Mr/Mrs. X your child is waiting at the front" I came away with a few nice items. 2x Zegna sport button-ups in pristine condition. 1x Thomas Pink shirt which might be too big for me and may end up in friend's closet and the find of the day a Brioni sports coat in excellent condition. I was...
Hello, I am relatively new to thrifting but it is great fun. I have found in last two weeks: brioni shirt, an RLPL tie, few other vintage ties, shirts from Thomas Pink and Zegna and my favorite a topcoat from Chester Barrie for Gieves and Hawkes . Here are labels for the coat: [[SPOILER]]
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