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Quote: Originally Posted by Magician I'm not a nerd but I saw the preview and it made it seem really cool. could def go for some swords and unicorns and shit. The ending for the pilot episode will be way better than unicorns
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal If you can drop any F grades do so even if it costs you money. You'll be retaking those classes anyway. If you got some D grades, that is a little harder as D grades give credit but drag down your GPA. Depending on your University you can re-take D's and get the grade replaced. C's are really the worst long term for GPAs not like it matters for many though..
Excited about this series. Game of Thrones are amazing novels, probably some of the only 'fantasy' that I could totally get into. I was surprised how well the casting was done. Roles like Tyrion and the Stark kids look well casted. Daeny is the role that most fans seem suspicious of but really she is probably one of the more difficult roles to cast in the series considering her development and the limited skills of most contemporary Hollywood actresses. I am inclined to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim By the way, saying that NOBODY cares about soccer in the US is a bunch of BS. Indeed. Pubs in San Francisco and Los Angeles were packed at 4am and 7am this summer (by Americans not just ex-pat Brits and Germans) to watch the games. I am sure other cities on the eastern seaboard or great lakes were the same. Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa When you say that I pretend like MLS is the...
What an awful pick for a World Cup. Qatar had by far the weakest bid of any country in 2018 or 2022 but, they have buckets of oil money to pay off the FIFA voters. Wall Street Journal speculated that Qatar payed 80 million of debt for the Argentinian Football Association although of course Grondona denied any payoff. Qatar has never qualified for a WC and never hosted a major sporting event. They have to build an entirely new infrastructure, anywhere outside and not air...
Quote: Originally Posted by Vecna This is my personal opinion and is based on my experience. "Business casual" is certainly more formal than casual. The thing about jeans and a polo is that it is absolutely casual (and plain). I think the dress ranges from chinos and a polo (which is pushing the minimum) upwards to just below a suit (that being a blazer/OCBD/optional tie). Thats why I first asked if he is interviewing in Cali. In my opinion...
California? Business casual in Cali for tech companies is usually the range from polo shirt+nice jeans to button down + odd trousers (usually chinos).
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Since when is this SF approved? They are SW+D SF approved.
-high school letterman jackets without the 'varsity' letters selling for hundreds of dollars+ -'fashion forward' leather jackets that look like overly affected bdsm wear
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Ibdt Irish Beer Drinking Team? acronym speak is confusing.
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