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I stopped using EBAY to sell last year, they are f-d up as a company. Use Overstock auctions or something else instead.
Quote: Originally Posted by MilanoStyle What do you think guys? Can a well dressed young man look sleek and modern with penny loafers? Depends on where you are wearing them but for casual penny loafers are awesome!
Haven't been thrifting for a long time, but at the outlet shop I got a bunch of Brooks Brothers Argyle socks which was nice
I don't think regulars on FNB get laid very much. It explains their bitterness and vitriol.
Flawless: Inside the Largest Diamond Heist in History by Selby and Campbell A very fun and informative book on diamond thiefs and Antwerp's diamond district
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff simi valley OJ Simpson would agree
anything from HBO
Once Upon a Time in the West Magnificent Seven - even if based on Kurosawa Fistful of Dollars - same El Topo - probably one of the most bizarre movies but still really good
Quote: Originally Posted by alan I think it was a draw. If it was to tilt in someone's favour it would be Gray's, if you were to give him the 5th which was incredibly close. First round was a 10-8 and 3rd was Gray's, draw is a good result imo. I have to agree with this. This draw was a good result since I am sure if either of them ended up winning it would have seemed somehow inappropriate. Even after the fight Edgar still seemed dazed from...
Genetics makes a difference. Some people's chins can just take hits while others cannot.
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