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Is anyone excited about any of the other main card fights? CroCop-Schaub seems kind of interesting but CroCop is past his prime for sure. The Faber-Wineland fight seems like it could produce a fun fight to watch. Not too excited about the others though. This card doesn't seem as strong as others. And why the heck is Strikeforce spreading their first round heavyweight tournaments matches over soo many months?
I am amped about UCLA-Florida Go Pac-10!!!!!!
ya if you just study and do well on your LSATs. Thats whats important. Many law students I've known were not "pre-law" in undergrad. Just spend enough time studying for the LSATs and get a good score.
You should check out the book Dressing the Man by Alan Flusser
UCLA girl Alexandra Wallace is a good/poor demonstration of what college girls are doing now.
got to love the appearance of Mike Donovan er..lars Tremont
So disappointing to Arsenal drop 2-0 to ManU this weekend
Taking notes by hand was always better for me. I still do it. Something about typing while taking notes, I don't listen as well.
What is LARPing? Sorry I did not google before posting.
killed a snake and ate it!
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