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Flawless: Inside the Largest Diamond Heist in History by Selby and Campbell A very fun and informative book on diamond thiefs and Antwerp's diamond district
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff simi valley OJ Simpson would agree
anything from HBO
Once Upon a Time in the West Magnificent Seven - even if based on Kurosawa Fistful of Dollars - same El Topo - probably one of the most bizarre movies but still really good
Quote: Originally Posted by alan I think it was a draw. If it was to tilt in someone's favour it would be Gray's, if you were to give him the 5th which was incredibly close. First round was a 10-8 and 3rd was Gray's, draw is a good result imo. I have to agree with this. This draw was a good result since I am sure if either of them ended up winning it would have seemed somehow inappropriate. Even after the fight Edgar still seemed dazed from...
Genetics makes a difference. Some people's chins can just take hits while others cannot.
Quote: Originally Posted by sartorialism Shame on all of you. QFT This whole situation is a mess. Young dudes need to learn to not do stupid things like date girls living with their "ex" boyfriends. The girl clearly made a mess of her own life and 26 year old rapper dude is also clueless. All in all, just a smorgasbord of bad decision making all around. No offense to OP but just dump the broad, you'll be much happier in the long run...
Quote: Originally Posted by XeF4 Just to see what its like pretty much. I have heard people tell stories about live changing relevations etc and have also heard that its just a bunch of hippies smoking pot and burning shit out in the middle of bum-fuck egypt. What kind of drugs were the people on who said they had life changing revelations?
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn What's the deal with this? So much friggin hype over a ghetto looking Lord of the Rings (which I didn't like either). Are the books THAT good? It IS fantasy after all heh.... Yes the books are really that good and this show is not more hyped than anything else HBO does. Boardwalk Empire was more hyped than Thrones for sure. I usually do not read fantasy at all , my favorite authors being people like...
Did he ask you first to be a reference?
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