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Well this card was fun to watch. I am not too surprised Cro Cop lost but that was a shame. Was rooting for the old Pride hero. And wow, Jon Jones was on fire against Rua. Like many of you mentioned Rua was obviously not at his best and I agree a drop to Middleweight would be good for him it seems if he wants to continue. Also I was surprised that Rashad was so quick to agree to a fight against his teammate although I totally agree that Jones would probably beat...
Quote: Originally Posted by v.freeman Pretty sure V won't come back next season (based on their ratings and what happened in the finale). It's a shame, I liked the show. And Laura Vandervoort sure was easy on the eyes. They should not cancel the show solely for this reason.
wow! Nice finish for Arizona after Texas come back. Great end to that game!
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay Washington had plenty of chances at the end that they squandered. Disappointing. Indeed. Just like Michigan, Michigan really had some chances at the end especially on that very last play, poor decision making cost them. Im on to root for the final Pac-10 team Arizona over Texas.
C'mon Washington, you can beat those pesky Tar Heels!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by venessian +1. I can't stand Florida. So bummed today. This SDSU-Temple OT is great. Yeah, next year is UCLA's year! yay! SDSU wins in double overtime, great game And I agree, UCLA looks strong for next year.
My favs: chase and status- Saxon Black Sun Empire- hypersun
Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent They got like 7-0'ed to end the game after being tied for literally 37 minutes. Ya that was disappointing. Florida seems to have UCLA's number last few years. At least a lot of young players will make a strong team next year. SDSU and Temple in overtime is exciting.
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal WTF? Beyond psycd for this. Pins and needles. Faber is going to blast that fool. Crop cop by KO (Pride never die!). Nate will dominate. Miller by tko. Even the undercard is very, very solid with a lot of interesting fights. Good to hear. Im only a casual MMA fan so wasn't familiar with most of the undercard fighters. I like even matches and interesting matches so im hoping no one will dominate.
Quote: Originally Posted by Strombollii Somewhat thread-appropriate, somewhat humorous: http://totalfratmove.com/tsm-wall ^today's sign the Apocalypse is upon us.
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