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UCLA girl Alexandra Wallace is a good/poor demonstration of what college girls are doing now.
got to love the appearance of Mike Donovan er..lars Tremont
So disappointing to Arsenal drop 2-0 to ManU this weekend
Taking notes by hand was always better for me. I still do it. Something about typing while taking notes, I don't listen as well.
What is LARPing? Sorry I did not google before posting.
killed a snake and ate it!
I stopped using EBAY to sell last year, they are f-d up as a company. Use Overstock auctions or something else instead.
Quote: Originally Posted by MilanoStyle What do you think guys? Can a well dressed young man look sleek and modern with penny loafers? Depends on where you are wearing them but for casual penny loafers are awesome!
Haven't been thrifting for a long time, but at the outlet shop I got a bunch of Brooks Brothers Argyle socks which was nice
I don't think regulars on FNB get laid very much. It explains their bitterness and vitriol.
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